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July 2018

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Post Round 1 - Wellington 20th May

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Post Round 1 - Wellington 20th May

Post by Guest on 5/20/2012, 9:41 pm

Start of the new season, different people in different cars.

Post your results up, how'd you go.. Sick of the concrete canyon yet?

My week was spent making sure I had a 635 that wouldnt crash the server, so I was in and out a few times with people on the server. The #34 Bob Jane T-Marts 635 seemed a fairly safe bet, so I picked that and stuck with it. Turned out the 635 was not as friendly as I thought, and trying to find a setup that was consistent through a stint was proving nigh impossible, with the 635 understeering, oversteering, snapping sideways.... Gah, where's my Merc gone?!?!

Anyway, during the week managed a 28.3. Dunno how, never got anywhre near it again. Lol. Stupid stupid stupid.

That meant, with the new "open quali" rules that I was able to start 2nd on the grid for this one, behind racers Rover, ahead of Webber in the Alfa....

So now, come race day..

Sad day this, the first event TCL event at TTR where Mozza doesnt sit in a 3 pointed star. Still a German though...

Race 1
Disaster for me. I got the jump on racer, but on lap 1, T2, the hairpin, I clipped those stupid tyres and they threw me back across the track.. Dont think I collected anyone, but turned out I had a flat front tyre now, so had to do a full lap with that, then a 21 second pitstop for new tyres and off we go. Got past David and Vandem, but that was about it. Not much else I could do, finished P6.

Race 2.
Open quali meant I started back in P2 again... Yay!
Formation lap, watching Webber in my mirror, I drove straight into a wall and copped a puncture. Webber kindly restarted it, so we did it all again..
Got the jump on racer initially, and the fight for 2nd meant I got a 2 second lead.
Racer got clear of Webber, Billy and Pete and chased me down. From then, it was about 15 laps of less than a 1 second gap. My tyres were absolutely rat shite, and although I tried to go a full stint on them, I couldn't get it. The 635 was sliding around underbrakes, not turning in and then power sliding out of corners. Racer ended up getting past me, and it was at that point that I pushed the pit in button and slipped into the pits, with a lapped(!!!) Webber behind me... And about 2 or 3 seconds behind racer.
Came out and knew I had to push hard to close the gap to racer. Managed to cut 5 seconds off the gap, but he still emerged in front. I was dumbfounded. This isnt supposed to happen. Although it was only about a second, I thought I had done enough. It shook me a bit for a lap while my peanut brain computed what had happened.
Now it was race on, officially. Rover Vs 635, both going for the first win on TTR soil (I believe?).
Then something happened.. Racers Rover started sliding around ALOT. Like, perhaps he didnt change tyres.... Sneaky! Anyway, he ran wide at the back straight chicane, and I was all over him. I was on the inside, about level with his rear quarter panel for the next corner, and could see he was all locked up, but let him turn in first, and ahead of me. Then I criss crossed after the next corner and drove up along side him for the next hairpin up the top of the circuit. I stuck it out on the outside and managed a slightly better drive out for the drag to the next chicane. With him on the inside, I was happy to let him have it, so I started to brake, but so did he, so I eased off the brake and snuck ahead. Yay!

From there, it was a matter of not stuffing the unpredictable 635 into a wall. Managed to do that, and pullled the gap out to 12 seconds or so..... Was good to bring the 635 a win at the first round of the NZTCC. At least I'm not leaving it to the last round like I did in the 87 DTM series, to have a win.

Congrats to Peter308 for two 3rd places. Epic effort mate. Good to see some new faces.

Shano, hopefully you get your net sorted, and Paul Fieldsy, try during the week to get on at Puke for the enduro, we may be able to help you out with the mismatches you were getting....

See ya's at the next one hopefully. May not make it, I've the missus' 30th that weekend, so I probably wont.

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Re: Post Round 1 - Wellington 20th May

Post by Riftcreator on 5/20/2012, 9:49 pm

Sorry I couldn't make tonight.

Hope to make next week Smile

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Re: Post Round 1 - Wellington 20th May

Post by Guest on 5/20/2012, 10:04 pm

Oh, I should say, the daylight fading at the end was awesome. Loved coming home, lights on. Good stuff Webbz! Very Happy


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Re: Post Round 1 - Wellington 20th May

Post by racer69 on 5/20/2012, 10:23 pm

Great nights racing as usual Smile

The Rover and 635 seemed pretty well matched around here, Webber had the Alfa on the pace & i'm sure the Commodore's & Volvo's would have been in mix somewhere too if they were used.

I had planned to run the Starion but after doing alot of laps in it i just couldn't get comfortable in it. Its VERY prone to oversteer, and when you try to dial it out it just understeers alot, so i settled for a Rover.

Race 1- Got an ok start but Moz got ahead and then Webber snuck by at Turn 1. After Moz hit the tyre i was right on Webbers tail for the first lap, but at the turn 3/4 chicane on lap 2 i got on the power abit early and spun around. I then proceeded to try too hard to catch up and hit way too many walls, eventually finishing i think 4th.

Race 2- Moz got the jump on me and initially started pulling out a little gap in the opening few laps, i think it got out to about 1.5secs and then i was able to slowly reel the lead back. We were very evenly matched especially in the places were passing was possible, but i stuck behind with the pressure on, that was some of the best fun i've had, a great race.

Moz got abit loose coming onto Cable Street which let me sneak through, and then he pitted while i kept going. I could see the gap coming down abit but i kept on going and planned, as Moz worked out, to not change tyres at my stop as they seemed to be holding up very well.

I made my stop and came out just in front of Moz, but almost immediatly the car was sliding around too much. I tried to keep Moz behind but went abit deep into one of the corners which let Moz get alongside and we went side-by-side around the sweeper. Coming into the chicane it was game of chicken and i had to back out which allowed Moz through in a great move. I tried to keep up but my tyres had had enough.

A great race Mozza, your win was fully deserved and i look forward to more battles like that Smile

Can't wait for the next one Smile


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Re: Post Round 1 - Wellington 20th May

Post by shano on 5/21/2012, 8:19 am

well fuel pump problems plauged me big time this round.... missed race1 didnt even get to grid and race 2 fuel pump problems on warmup lap put me out.....

well done to all who raced.. will be back at next round pushing hard.....

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Re: Post Round 1 - Wellington 20th May

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