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Post eastern creek

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Post eastern creek

Post by moo on 8/25/2012, 10:56 pm

Really good clean racing

Will post a report after I catch up on my well earned sleep

How did ur race nite go?


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Re: Post eastern creek

Post by scott39 on 8/25/2012, 11:06 pm

A fairly uneventful 2 races for me. Can't seem to get qualy together at all. Something I have to work on as I'm consistently finishing higher than my qualy position. Had some good battles along the way. Have to get out of the habit of letting the fast guys past haha. Should be making them work for it! =) Qualified in a lowly 16th position but managed to finish 7th in both races so not a bad night in the end. Well done to the podium guys and everyone else. Next time someone needs to disable Wayno's turbo. The guy was untouchable tonight haha! Nah great racing all. Cheers =)


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Re: Post eastern creek

Post by POD253~XR~ on 8/26/2012, 7:12 am

Qually was good , got 4th

Top 10 was blundered at turn 2 , cold brakes into the sand but that was my only off all night managed 10th in top 10.

Race 1 I was trying to stay in the mix and pretty much had a 26 lap battle with MANZ and finish 5th I think.

Race 2 changed a few settings and was a bit faster than Manz at the end of the race , sorry if I shut the door on you Manz, but your a hard task master to get by. Finished 6th.

Had a great night of racing , the only way to do that track is on hards because it takes so long to get through the pits, softs dont last long at all at the Creek. Congrats to the podium getters and nice going RICHO in race 2 to come back all that way and Wayno , thats great pace mate.

Thanks Benny , grate series mate.

Seeyas all later


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Re: Post eastern creek

Post by moo on 8/26/2012, 9:34 am

Well in practice I couldn't even believe the gap from from Neally 6th on wards it was like 2 secs or there aboutse

In Qually i knew I just had to smash my time so I did only by 2 or 3 tenths

So in the top 10 shootout I changed a few settings like front toe camber n brake preasure so I went out and heated many I think by Neally a full second and then jumped up a few p
Aces to from mini and pod n someone else.

Race 1
I puted on softs and toned down the toe, brake preasure, camber. Then I relished everyone I think put on controls so going into turn 1 I had set my rear brakes(brakes bias to back) and I spun rickster sorry dude. So I got in a rhythm and after 3 laps I took to relise it took 3 laps for every wear square so then I knew when I had to come in I past either Anthony or joshgt easily then I was dicing with TTR Benny then into turn 6 I got a bit hot n gave Benny a love tap and he spun 90 degrees and had good car control and we kept going I eventually overtook him at the harpin so then I kept up with rickster passing cars until scott39 who was 4 or 5 seconds ahead so then I caught him down and passed him just before the pits. So coming into the pits I had to stack behind rickster and now I know what it feels like for lowndesy to double stack. So then when I exited pit lane with a green set of softs I passed kiwi and I also turn him around at the harpin(so so sorry) then I got past him and basically went into cruise mode and I finished 6th.

Race 2
I got a good start and into turn 1 I tagged I think it was rickster again so I waited until he passed me then when I heard Benny saying "I'm doing a restart" so after that I was relieved actually lol so when we restarted I made a cracking or a start straight into 4 place then was battling with mini for a good couple of laps and got passed at turn 5 then I chased down rickster and he open the door at the final turn and I got him then I knew I wasn't going catch wayno but cruised until the pits so after the pits I think I lost Neally 5 seconds to wayno then I put down some fast laps and they turned out to be the fastest or the race then about 3,4 laps before the finish head into turn 1 i rushed down to 2nd gear but sweet down the whole way to nuterual and basically just turned in about 2 times the speed u would so I was in the sand coming back on the track then on the 2nd final lap I saw there was about half a square and had a flat tyre on the last lap tried the best I could to keep mini behind but he just came flying then at the finish my tyre was just about to let go so it wasn't flat after all.

All in all a real good night and really good clean racing I enjoyed so much!


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Re: Post eastern creek

Post by M1N1K0B3 on 8/26/2012, 10:56 am

That was good fun last night! Had some good battles with Manz, Rickster, Richo and moo throughout the night. Finished P3 in Race One and P2 in Race Two. Well done to Wayno on both wins.

I'm happy I managed to win the title well done to POD in 2nd, kiwi in 3rd and to all who raced throughout the series.

Cheers to Benny, Kiwi and anyone else who helped in the running of the series. It's been great Very Happy


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Re: Post eastern creek

Post by KKR kwik-kiwi on 8/26/2012, 11:42 am

Qualified down the order a bit - but got to watch everyone's top 10 shoot out.... Very Happy

Sorry about the feedback over the mic in race 1 .. I have a new race setup and the wheel is attached to the keyboard shelf... that moves and bangs around a bit...(fixing that now) .... sorry about the heavy breathing as well but if I don't breathe i will probably die! clown Wink

Had some great close battles in both races and pretty happy where I finished considering I was racing amongst some of the best there is Very Happy

Thanks to all that participated in this series and look forward to seeing you all in Series 3 .....


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Re: Post eastern creek

Post by DV_8 on 8/26/2012, 6:23 pm

Had my 3rd crack at the v8s with a little bit of practice and I didn't do to well. Qualifying was not too bad, I managed to get into the shootout right at the end. The races consisted of me destroying tyres, I stopped twice in the first race and tried stopping once in the second race but fell short by 2 laps. If I come back and run some more rounds I will be sure to try a completely different setup and see if I can manage my tyres better. I'd have to say of the last 3 rounds that one was certainly the best in terms of good clean racing.

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Re: Post eastern creek

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