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My old Datto

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My old Datto

Post by TTR Benny on 10/20/2012, 9:37 pm

Was going through Photo albums and found pictures of my old 1600

Wish I never sold this one but after a bad roll over in another car as a passenger it just scared me way to much at the time to drive it and also need money for deposit for a house at the time

Pushing out around 235kw at the wheels was a heap of fun in a car weighing in well under a tonne. Had a couple of cracks at taking it to calder at the drags both times failed with broken half shafts All the rubber on the track and the super soft tyres It just produced to much traction. First time launched broke before I grabbed second, realized what had happened and rolled to the line in third gear running a 17.8 second time Second time took it easy of the line got on the gas into second gear and bang broke again. That time run 16.2 both passes getting out of any form of serious throttle not really that far after the tree pretty sure could of got a 12 or 11 out of her.

Car was quick around winton and calder never got it out to the island though. Running L20, with Cosworth Crank and rods forgies months of time cutting up L20 heads with my old work mate working out how to port the head the right way to max flow out of it. Of course Garrett Turbo most of the time running around 14PSI run around 19 or 20 for the 235kw at the wheels. But was hard to compete against higher end SR20 which were getting more popular and the old tried and tested FJ20 1600's but it certainly made them work for it.

This one was one my early cars 308 turbo 400 great car very quick in a straight line but got bored hence building the Datsun
Can't quite make out the p plates Good old 253 logo rocker covers worked a treat for me for the final two year of my p plate's


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