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Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

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Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by shaynskyline on 9/15/2013, 9:35 pm

Another super night of fast racing.

What happened to you? : P


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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by Webber on 9/15/2013, 10:14 pm

Awesome track. Flowing, but you need to be precise in a couple of spots, especially in that slow section round the back.

Qualy - couldn't match my 2:12.8 from 2 years ago... must be getting slow in my old age like real Webber!

Race 1 - couldn't shake Racer69, but he spun out after a few laps, devastated.

Race 2 - couldn't shake Corty, and he leapfrogged me with a large undercut, but paid the price as his tyres were worn out near the end - still had to push him hard until the 2nd last lap before he made even the slightest mistake.

Because I'm coming up on shift work soon, I'll probably be missing at least 1-2 races on Sundays, so have to get the wins in while I can. Go the Commode!

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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by shaynskyline on 9/15/2013, 10:27 pm

Well. As usual in this series. I had exactly no time to practice during the week. And didnt even know what track we were racing on.
So i didnt expect a lot coming into this one.

Jumped on today and did about 25 laps i think best i could managed on a race setup was about 2:14. Managed a 2:15.1 for qualifying. 8th place.

Race 1.

Lets never talk about that again. 13th.

Race 2.

I had a decent start and jumped the "slower" cars. By the 5th corner i was in 9th place after starting 13th. Then CMPUNK decided he didnt like  that situation and shoved me onto the grass. Back to 13th. Haha, no problem man. Easy mistake to make.

I then had to tiptoe past DP in the longest battle i think ive had with him. It was about 3 corners and then i slipped by hehe.

GRUNTER and TTRV8VP then had a hug on T1 L2 and i got by to take 10th from them both.

A lap later after folling RACER, GROWLER, ROADRAT and DV8, GROWLER lost it and tboned RACER into the grass and i dodged the sideways cars and  snuck into 7th spot. Which i knew wouldnt last very long because my pace was no match given i was about 200 laps short on practice this week.
That, and the fact that the Alfas and Mercs were anything but slow at this location. Quite difficult to get away from. Even in a Red Volvo.

Sure enough RACER got by me soon after as i took a green stuff detour, then he slowly pulled away and put AUSCHRISRX between us. I was doing my best to chase  CHRIS for a few laps, gaining little bits here and there and then dropping back because i didnt have the right lines mostly. I almost touched his  bumper when he came unstuck on the final turn on L6 but he pulled away again.

Then BILLYBOB showed up after suffering a couple mistakes by the looks of it. I latched onto the back of him and it looked like we were gonnna be  in for a it of a battle. Its been a while.

On the first turn i kinda blinked and looked away from the screen for some reason and next thing i know BILLY was in my side and then skidding off  into the grass. I had no idea what happened if he hit me or not i drove on but decided to slow and wait for him to come back infront.
I dont want a position if someone is gonna be dirty with me for something i did.

He came by and then started a 13 lap battle to the death. Haha.
For 6 laps i chased behind BILLY, catching him in S1 and then falling back a bit through the rest of the lap. I was never more than .900 from his bumper and got into a good rythym even with very hard tyres starting to fall away. I gave him a couple taps and had to slow to let him ahead after i sent his Volvo to the grass lol.  CORTYGT stopped by in his VK, he didnt stay long lol.
On L13 i only had 5 litres remaining which is not a lap at BRNO, and we pitted together.
I came out infront for some reason and built a 2 second gap, but gave it back with a trip to the grass again. From there it was 7 laps of close racing. I got the lead a couple times after some dodgy manouvers but he keep getting ahead.
This went on until the very end. I just couldnt get by him. On the very last lap i got as close as possible but he had done enough and i rolled over the line behind BB.

What a great race, not better than the couple wins ive had, but as far as close consistent racing goes for a top 10 spot, this was the best one. Great stuff BILLYBOB.

Well done to who ever the winners were haha. You guys were miles ahead.

Cyas soon. Hopefully during the week this time.


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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by TTR-Chrisrx on 9/16/2013, 12:19 am

was good to get back on track after a extra long holiday due to pc issues Mad anyway had some good races despite running on a prehistoric craptop. found my beats headphones make the cars sound better which helps.

race 1
half spun and almost got pipped by growler at the end when my tyres dropped off bad

race 2
wasnt too bad, saw racer go for an early stop and saw he went into a gap in traffic as we were stuck behind an alfa. so took that way out and leap frogged a few cars on the under cut.

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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by Chris Donnelly on 9/16/2013, 10:00 am

Had good pace, qualified 4th.  I had done a few practice laps here and was happy enough with the setup.

Race 1 - Rubbish start, but battled hard with Corty AusChris, Sleek, Billy Bob, ran third for most of it, Billy pipped me on the last lap.  Great battle!  Webber and Corty weren't too far up the road, so I thought I might be on for a decent result in the longer Race 2.

Race 2 - Got up to third early, ran about 5-7 second behind Webber & Corty.  Sleek got me later in the stint as my tyres had turned mushy.  So, looking good thus far, I decided to pit from 3rd place with not much fuel left in my tank.

Then my race turned BROWN, in an effort that FPR would be proud of!

1st Pit Stop - on pit lane exit I hit turned off the speed limiter about 1m too early, so penalised for a Drive Thru.

2nd Pit Stop - came screwing around the last corner, jumped on the picks and hadn't whoa'ed it down enough, another penalty for entering pit lane too quickly.

3rd Pit Stop - I clearly wasn't thinking straight at this stage, I thought I had a drive through penalty to serve, but it was actually a Stop/Go.  So I just DROVE THROUGH, waved at everyone's pit guys....  (then actually realised what the penalty was...)

4th Pit Stop - I brought it on SLOWLY, did my Stop/Go, then realised I hadn't told my crew to NOT CHANGE TYRES and NOT PUT FUEL IN...  FFS...  So I sit there for another 34 seconds while my crew farted around putting fuel and tyres in it...

By that stage I was shaking my head in disbelief and only had about 7 laps to go, so pretty much had the track to myself and drove around.

I figured I would have been about 4 laps down at this stage due to all the time I'd lost, but amazingly I finished the race in 11th, on the lead lap and only 1 min 30 seconds behind.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  

See you guys in a couple of weeks, I'm at Phillip Island next weekend for the Shannons Nationals.
Chris Donnelly

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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by TTR-Chrisrx on 9/16/2013, 1:10 pm

dont worry cd, had that happen to me in round 4

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Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by BillyBob on 9/16/2013, 7:13 pm

Great Night.!!

R1: Qualied 3rd bur fluffed the start and ended up 7th at T1. What a frantic first lap, fighting hard to hold position from shayn...chris d... auschris and growler slight panel damage and scuffed paint but what great racing... credit to all and a big thanks to growler for tapping me straight... the

stayed close all the way. Managed to jump bothvolvo was gone...if it wasnt for the rover setting me straight there it was all over cheers! Stayed in 6th or 7th for the next few laps with growler right behind auschris and chrisd and sleek just ahead.
Pressure eased when growler spun (sorry i couldnt return the favour). SLeek made an error which tightened the group and it auschris and sleek as they diced into the final turn. Lovely!, now 4th andchasing chrisd and corty for a podium. Both looked like their tyres were shot but only a couple to go. chris ran a little wide on the final lap and i went for the inside and just managed to hang on for 3rd spot.

Fantastic race.

R2: Better start held third pos settled into a rhythm behind webber and corty and started moving away from the pack. I figured just sit here and wait for the commos to run out of tyres.. hung on ok for 4/5 laps not losing too much time and volvo felt good. stupid errors dropped me down to 6th where an epic battle with shayn began.

cheers for waiting btw.. we did touch but not your fault.. ilost the rear on the outside of you and bouced off. But what a battle.. thoroughly enjoyed that maximum pressure from shayn... awsome racing finally finished 8th i think managing to hold shayn out for the spot
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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by Growler on 9/16/2013, 7:50 pm

I enjoy this track, but had a so so round.

Race 1
I bogged down terribly at the start losing quite a few places. I did pull over hoping no one would rear-end me!
Once going I did get up with BillyBob etc. I did see you start to lose it and held my spot. Glad I could straighten you up.
Finished in the 10 ten.

Race 2
I had an awesome start getting up to 3rd or 4th before the first sweeper I decided to run very hards all round. The first few laps were OK but the tyre combo was crap. I spin quite a few times because of this.
After about 6 - 7 laps I decided to come in and change tires. This time I went mediums at the front and hards on the rear. Once the temps were up the car was a rocket ship. I didn't think the tyres would make that much of a difference. From close to last I passed quite a few people and got up to 7th (from memory). I caught DV-8 and was planning to pass him when I noticed my fuel. I backed off and short shifted to conserve fuel, but made sure I didn't get passed. I crossed the line with just under 2 litres left.

Good racing!


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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by DV_8 on 9/17/2013, 8:30 pm

The drive home from Sandown was a bit quicker then expected so I thought I'd have a run. Hadn't done much practice but ended up having a reasonable round after a couple of bad ones.

Finished 9th in race 1 which I was happy with. I was able to do consistent lap times across the whole race and closed right up on Growler and Chris in the end.

Managed to get 6th in race 2 which would be my best for the season. Went for 2 tyres at the pitstop to save some time but the car was a little out of balance so it didn't quite pay off.

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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

Post by racer69 on 9/18/2013, 5:15 pm

Results are up Smile

I had a promising race 1, keeping around abouts 1sec of Webber for most of the race until i had a lose with two laps to go dropping me down the order... a real shame.

In race 2 i was caught up in a great dice in the pack early on, i pitted early and managed to jump a few of the guys ahead of me and i was running 3rd, but couldn't chase down Webber and Corty ahead.

Great stuff though, the battles in the mid-order was top stuff to be amongst.


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Re: Round 6 - BRNO (September 15) POST RACE

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