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Need advice - New TV

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Need advice - New TV

Post by Growler on 10/7/2013, 12:31 pm

Guys, I need to update my old TV but am not totally in tune with what's available.
I'm looking at around 46" - 50" LCD-LED but not too sure what brand has good panels.
Do I go 3D or is that just a phase?
The other issue I have is that I have an older stereo with built in amp that I use for a 5.1 surround system. I'm very happy with the sound etc. so don't really want to change that if I have to...however it is old technology that still uses RCA plugs.
Is there a difference in sound going from RCA to HDMI? If I have to buy a new amp I will...but if I can get away with what I have now then I save money.
Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciative.

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Re: Need advice - New TV

Post by TTR-Chrisrx on 12/2/2013, 11:54 pm

new sony 4k technology one


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Re: Need advice - New TV

Post by RyanLee on 12/7/2013, 11:47 pm

yeah cant go wrong with a sony... just got the new panasonic 65" not long ago which is brilliant... if money isnt an issue however, there is that new 84" LG gettin around for a cool 16,000 Smile

sound SHOULD be better through HDMI however most tvs SHOULD have an rca input too. mine does anyways. If its doin you well now, i cant imagine that HDMI will change it too much to warrant the extra spending unless needed.

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Re: Need advice - New TV

Post by Sponsored content

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