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ORA-Targa 2014

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ORA-Targa 2014

Post by ORA-Ulee Deway on 12/28/2013, 10:25 am

ORA Targa 2014 will be a multi stage event held over a period of 25 weeks. There will be 5 classes of vehicle available to be used. Competitors will be able to drive in a competitive environment over various disciplines on some of the most beautiful and challenging roads and circuits rfactor modders have made available. Results overall and in class will be decided by the shortest accumulated time over the combined 25 stages. Each stage time will be taken from the LiveRacers page.

Tracks will be a combination of Hill Climbs, Special Stages and Time Attack. There will be well over 4 hours of competitive stages, with stages ranging from just a couple of minutes long to some nearly an hour.

Each stage will begin at 12am each Sunday morning and will last for 7 days. The circuits and special stages to be used will not be disclosed until the Saturday evening prior to each stage. This is to eliminate any advantage some competitors may have in being able to devote more practice time over those with less of an opportunity. It is advised that all runs made should be done on the server so as not to miss out on having a very good time recorded.

The point to point stages being used all have a clearly marked starting point. It is asked that competitors do the noble thing and begin these stages from this point from a standing start, not on a flying start from the point of pit exit. This is not going to be monitored regularly as competitors will be trusted to do the right thing. However, should a time be posted in the first sector of a stage that seems unrealistic, the replay from the server will be checked, and if need be that particular run eliminated. For time attacks competitors are free to do any number of consecutive flying laps they wish.

Another point to note, is that in nearly all of the point to point stages, please wait until the session timer has begun before leaving your pit space, as the track timer may not function correctly.

Five classes of vehicles will be on offer for this event. Class designations can be found in the vehicle's title. They are as follows -

Class 1 - Any vehicle bearing the "TF" or "Targa Florio" designation.
Class 2 - Any vehicle bearing the "GTC-TC76" designation.
Class 3 - Any vehicle bearing the "GTC65" designation.
Class 4 - Any vehicle bearing the "TC65" designation.
Class 5 - Mini Challenge - GTTCA1 1310 Cup Mini Cooper S

Competitors are asked to nominate cars in the appropriate thread prior to beginning their first competitive stage. Caution and thought has never been more important when making this decision. This is a little different to our regular racing. Power may not be your best friend. Once a car has been nominated this will be the only vehicle that may be used in that class for the duration of the event.

Competitors may compete in as many classes as they wish.

Other Notes

Competitors who join once the event has already begun, or who miss stages, will have a time equal to the slowest time recorded for their class plus 30 seconds per 10 minutes of that time designated for each stage missed, e.g. the slowest time recorded was 5mins 0 secs so you will be designated 5 mins 15 secs, or the time recorded was 20mins 0 secs so you will be designated 21mins 0 secs. This is to encourage event participation as much as possible however not rule someone out of contention if they physically are unable to do so.

This is a new style of racing for ORA, and I hope all that compete have fun and enjoy themselves. It's taken many months to find and test the various stages we're going to be running, but I've never had so much fun finding so much stuff even I didn't know was out there. There are many many gems amongst the track list, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

The nominations page will be up shortly, and the server will begin running with the first stage at approx 12am on the 5th January. Good luck and good racing !!!

Competitors may have as many attempts as they like per stage.

ORA-Ulee Deway

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