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Old scooters

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Old scooters

Post by vandem on 4/12/2015, 9:51 pm

Was a brief mention of my scooter hobby during our HistorX race, thought I'd link a couple of videos to show what it's about.

We ride old school Italian scooters, Vespa and Lambretta.   2 stroke, manual gearchange.   Mostly 1960s  - 1980s with a few newer scoots.   Unlike the English mods we're not concerned about clothing style and adding extra lights and mirrors to our scoots.   We're more concerned about fitting bigger cylinder and barrel kits and aftermarket exhausts to make them go faster.   Stock scoots can cruise at 80-90 kmh, with some mods they'll do 110+.

The big annual Kiwi scoot event is a 4 day 1000 mile ride on back roads, around 6 hours riding each day.   Clip here:

There's a similar Aussie event, but your roads seem to be straighter = more boring:

Except one year they found some twisties:


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