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M & M Cup - Round 5 (8th November)

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M & M Cup - Round 5 (8th November)

Post by Growler on 11/3/2015, 9:17 pm

(Track in the TTR downloads)

Qualifying will be 10 minutes. You can do as many laps within the 10 minutes

Race 1 will be 15 minutes.
Race start will be 7.30TTR time.

Race 2 will be 15 minutes
The grid will be based on the finish positions of race 1 however will be a reversed grid

Race 3 will be 20 minutes
The grid will be based on the finish positions of race 2

There will be a 5 minute break between races.
Pitstops are free.


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Re: M & M Cup - Round 5 (8th November)

Post by kiwibrick on 11/9/2015, 7:32 am

Well unfortunately I couldn't stay for the last race last night as I think I may have been able to threaten Stevo.
First race was shaping up to have a good tussle with Fez for 2nd but had some sort of lag for a few corners which dropped me back a second or so and sort of put a dampener on my challenge.
Did a small setup change before race 2 which really helped my highspeed steering, was slowly inching up on Stevo after clearing Fez but then oops pushed a bit too hard on the exit of turn 1 with 1 lap to go and turned it around, recovered for 4th but a bit disappointing.
Had good fights with Fez in both races though.

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