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ORA 2015 Monster 500

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ORA 2015 Monster 500

Post by ORA-Ulee Deway on 11/8/2015, 3:11 pm

Race Date: Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sim: rFactor 2
Mod: Chevrolet Camaro
Track: Nordschleife Tourist v2.01 download/ds2hc7qau4xc7qc/Nordschleife2_v2.01.rfcmp or!socBySQJ

Server Details
Server Name: 0RA Monster 500
Password: tba

Event Format
TS3 Driver Briefing: 6:30 PM Sydney  (5:30 in QLD)
Qualifying: 6:35 PM Sydney Time
Qualifying Format: 20 minutes
Warmup: 5 minutes
Race Format: 25 Laps (500kms)
Race Commences: 7:00 PM Sydney time (6:00 in QLD)
NB:you can check against the count down timer on
Start Type: Standing
Compulsory Pit Stops: No
Parce Ferme: No
Tyre Wear: Normal
Fuel Burn: Normal
Virtual Start Time: 10:00 am
Weather: Default
Time Multiplier: 2x
Race Flags: Black Only
Mechanical Failures: Normal
Damage: 50%
Driver Aids: Auto Clutch
Setups: Open

There will be a test and tune night scheduled for 14 Nov, and official practice on 28 Nov so drivers will have plenty of time to get some laps in.   Server is up.  You can check your lap times at

ORA-Ulee Deway

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Re: ORA 2015 Monster 500

Post by Growler on 11/8/2015, 6:53 pm

This is a good race as I have done it before...but 4 hours in the seat is bloody tiring!


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