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RF2 Asia GTE series

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RF2 Asia GTE series

Post by TTR-Chrisrx on 2/5/2017, 6:46 pm

New GTE series kicks off tonight. a great bunch of guys like on here. good clean racing when i'm not making silly mistakes.
if you want to have a look at racing rf2 these guys seem to have it sorted with championship and points etc from liveracers are done well. 

Server name: ! ! !rF2 Asia GT Sprint

Track : Portimao Circuit
Car : Enduracers GTE (You need to select one of GTE cars when joining session) 

Race start:
Jakarta (UTC+7) - 17:00
Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Taipei, HK (UTC+Cool - 18:00
Seoul, Tokyo (UTC+9) - 19:00
Sydney (UTC+11) - 21:00

Final Practice Session : 16:00 (UTC+9)
Qualifying : 18:40 
Warm up : 18:55 
Race : 19:00 (45 min)

Formation lap/Standing start
Realtime (live) weather
Fuel: x3

Join the series at:
Teamspeak IP :

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Re: RF2 Asia GTE series

Post by Growler on 2/5/2017, 9:26 pm

Too late for me...


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Re: RF2 Asia GTE series

Post by Chris Donnelly on 2/6/2017, 1:35 pm

I got online too late last night for TTR, you guys were already about 10 mins into the race. Grrrr. Daylight saving is killing me! Chris msg'ed me on FB and I jumped into rF2 and they were only just in qually. I grabbed a car, did about 2 laps in the warmup, threw some rear DF at the Ferrari I chose in a hurry and started the 40 min race from the back, finished 8th out of 9 finishers. (There were 15 runners).

I reckon an rF2 league should be on our agenda soon!
Chris Donnelly

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Re: RF2 Asia GTE series

Post by Sponsored content

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