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Set your chat keys

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Set your chat keys

Post by TTR=JD on 11/5/2010, 9:55 pm

You can change what your quick chat keys say when you press them by changing it in your PLR folder. If your not sure where to find the folder here is an example of mine, ( C:\Program Files\v8 1.3\UserData\TTRJD )
[ CHAT ]
Quick Chat #1="slowing to pit" eg: or change it to Quick Chat #1="pitting for tyres"
Quick Chat #2="Leaving pits"
Quick Chat #3="Go Left"
Quick Chat #4="Go Right"
Quick Chat #5="np"
Quick Chat #6="sorry"
Quick Chat #7="Thanks M8"
Quick Chat #8="well done all"
Quick Chat #9="Good race"
Quick Chat #10="/vote yes"
Quick Chat #11="/vote no"
Quick Chat #12="Hi M8 (on track)"
when you change them and close it say yes to accept changes.

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