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Post Jarama

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Post Jarama

Post by Webber on 5/22/2011, 9:17 pm

As a last action before my arms fall off I'll write up a report.

Very relieved right now as I just checked the replay and found I didn't bump into anyone in turn 1 in race 2. My computer only renders 8 cars at a time so I went for a gap, Wally was close by but he was hit by another car. (Karma for Race 1? Twisted Evil)

R1 qualified 3rd behind the Sierras, was pretty happy with my lap it would have been hard to beat it in a commo. Got a so-so start behind Groupcaction and Dan_gtsx, much to his misfortune Dan was taken out at T1, a big shame since he and I had been having great battles in practice. After that the race was fairly boring for me, sucking groupcaction's turbo-powered dust and splitting the Sierras after Dan staged a great comeback to 3rd.

R2 started 7th, got a blinder of a start but locked a majority of wheels up into T1, and the Commo converted itself into a toboggan. After that I had AWESOME fun banging door handles with Dano, Shano, and a very fast Dave Gibson throwing his volvo around. The highlight of the race for me was a truly epic 2 lap battle with Berlsy who wasn't leaving many tenths on the road, with a few corners side by side close enough to shake hands through the window. Some fuel saving and I made it to the end without a pitstop on 4 pieces of canvas, in a hard fought 2nd spot.

Great great fun, awesome racers, and looking forward to a track the commo can thrive on pirat

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Re: Post Jarama

Post by menthol369 on 5/22/2011, 9:40 pm

R1 was great apart from being taken out by slykiwi on T1 , was only a tiny tap but enough to spin me.
was dropped down to 7th and picked off a few people before catching up to bersly who was in 3rd. we had a decent battle before i dove on an opportunity on T2-3 when he went wide. i then had a lonely race trying to catch webber shaving 100th of a second a lap off him. ran out of laps and tyres:)

R2 was very disappointing as my PC crashed on lap 11 just after pitting from 2nd.
i had a decent start and sat back in the pack till my tyres came to temp. i think i was in 2nd? by lap 4 or so and having a great battle with slykiwi. not noticing groupc untill his ford emblem filled my mirror, it was too late, he then passed me. I sat right on groupc's ass until he made a move on slykiwi, i sat on his bumper and claimed 2nd spot after that i was right on groupc's bumper again. i sat with him for about 4 laps, but my tyres started to go. on lap 11 i pitted and rejoined in 7th spot. on my outlap my pc died. potentially costing me 2nd place points...


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Re: Post Jarama

Post by Wally26 on 5/22/2011, 9:45 pm

Race 1: -

Class 2: -
1st: shaynskyline - 25
2nd: Wally26 - 18
3rd: David Paterson - 15
4th: Trippy - 12
5th: TTR Benny - 10
6th: Shazam - 8

AUvNZ: -
1st: AU - 25
2nd: NZ - 8

Race 2: -

Class 2: -
1st: Wally26 - 25
2nd: shaynskyline - 18
3rd: David Paterson - 15
4th: TTR Benny - 12
5th: Shazam - 10

AUvNZ: -
1st: AU - 25
2nd: NZ - 8

Round 2: - Overall results
Open Class: -
1st: GroupCAction - 50
2nd: Webber - 36
3rd: Berlsy - 24
4th: EAO_greedyracer - 16
5th: Dan_gtsx - 15
6th: Shano - 11
7th: Slykiwi - 10
8th: Wally26 - 10
9th: shaynskyline - 8
10th: Dave Gibson - 2
11th: David Paterson - 1

Class 2: -
1st: Wally26 - 43
2nd: shaynskyline - 43
3rd: David Paterson - 30
4th: TTR Benny - 22
5th: Shazam - 18
6th: Trippy - 12

AUvNZ: -
1st: AU - 50
2nd: NZ -16

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Re: Post Jarama

Post by groupcaction on 5/22/2011, 10:53 pm

Had a really good leadup to tonights races, had a setup that was fast but more importantly was good on it's tyres. Quali went well, set a PB to be on pole.

R1: Got a solid start and led down to turn 1, just as I was about to turn into 1 Wally came firing down the inside and shot off the track missing me by a cigarette paper haha. From there I put my head down and slowly built a gap that I carried through to the checkered flag.

R2: Starting 8th for the reverse grid I got a so so start, had a good run down the outside into 1.
I think it was Wally n Webber playing in the sand so I moved up to 6th, had a great next few laps battling my way through to 3rd. From there I put my head down again to chase down Dan & Slykiwi. Those two were having a great dice for the lead, once I caught them both I thought I'd pounce on them as quick as possible while my tyres were still in good nick. I got passed both Dan & Slykiwi but Dan kept me very honest for about 3-4laps before I'd say his tyres went off. From there I cooled my pace to try and nurse my tyres. Knowing I could get home with fuel the Sierra looked after it's tyres a treat. Very happy with my drive, probably my best online so far!

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Re: Post Jarama

Post by menthol369 on 5/22/2011, 10:58 pm

yeh tyres went off. im guessing you had hards or very hards on? with 120L of fuel? you had a very,very fast car.


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Re: Post Jarama

Post by groupcaction on 5/22/2011, 11:48 pm

I had mediums on front and rear with 120L... I was short shifting alot to stop wheel spin and fuel

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Re: Post Jarama

Post by shaynskyline on 5/23/2011, 12:12 am



Did a couple decent laps by the cars standards, pretty consistent with what i have been getting all week. Qualified 9th. Eh. Not terrible. Considering the competition.

Race 1

I rammed Benny off the line, cos well, he spun out infront of me lol. That cost me a couple places straight up. Ended up 6th out of the first corner and got a huge bump from a vovlo, and crashed into the wall. No biggie.
For the next 4 laps i was holding off SlyKiwi, then i was chasing SlyKiwi in 8th. He then passed Greedy which left me chasing another commodore lol. Keeping up rather well if i do say so myself. Just not fast enough to pass them. Still in 8th i was chasing Shano in the BMW635, until he spun out going up the back hill, i passed him.
Then i got passed by Wally who i didnt even notice was there. He got away from me fairly quick then on the last lap, Wally made a mistake and ended up in the sand which allowed me to pass him and take 7th.

Race 2

I got a slow start from 2nd grid spot, and came out of the first corner in 4th. I held off the faster commos for 5 laps in 4th position, but inevitably they caught up to me, with some sloppy driving on my part, no reason why i couldnt have kept them at bay if i drove neatly. I actually held on to Webber until the 8th lap when Berlsy got by me on the straight with his extra power.
On lap 11 i was still sixth and dropping off Berlsy, then i came off just before the back hill, which put Shano right on my ass.
My tyres were getting bad by this time so i pitted in 7th place. But i didnt set up my fuel stop, so i didnt get any fuel at the stop. Came out of the pits in 9th.
By lap 16 i caught Dano who was slowing down badly due to tyres im guessing. But i had to pit for more fuel, so he re-passed me.
Came out in 9th and finished the race there.


Ive realised that i dont have much hope of challenging for the championship, as the class 3 cars are just too fast to keep up with, no matter what the track suits.
They are still four seconds faster than the little M3. So, ill be aiming for the class victory by the end of the season. I placed first and second in my class this round. Which i am happy with.
And i finished both races in or better than my qualifying position, also happy with that.
Not one self induced spin out, so pretty happy.

Woulda liked to finish a bit higher up, with some pit management i would have.

Congratulations to everyone. Going through the replays, alot of good tight racing. Excellent to watch.

Well done GroupC and Webber. Very fast.

I hear Dijon is pretty tight, with only one main straight. Another "little car friendly" track coming up. KEKE.

P.S. I just figured out that you can watch the races back. So expect one of these long winded reports of mine after every round now. LOL.

Thanks for having a look.


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Re: Post Jarama

Post by elgibo on 5/23/2011, 2:47 am

Had great fun! Cheers again guys. Good racing.

Quali: PC crashed about 3 times during practice, prompting me to download a grfx update, then crashed again on my only hotlap by the time I got into the game. Changed my rfactor driver to dx8 and that was a bit more stable for some pc build coming soon Razz

R1: Since no quali time - started at the back of the grid. Got a good start, picking off a few people and then even more into the turn one hijinks Very Happy Turn 2 I got wide and went onto the grass. Tiptoed back on, then got punted up the backside. Still going - got tapped again (I was still recovering) and was spun out Sad I think we can all say it was a messy few corners Razz By the time I got running again I was back into 10th. Fought back into 9th, only to run wide and get passed by Wally who was tearing up the tarmac in his merc Very Happy Stayed in 10th (tyres had gone off so just couldn't catch wally) until about 3 laps from the end where Shano I think went off and managed to pass him as he recovered. Then had a tough time staying in front of him. He had a very nice view of my V dented bumper on the last corner....maybe too good a view Razz I drifted very nicely a couple of hundreds ahead i think to take 9th.

R2: Better starting position meant I was a little more competitive from the start. Just managed to pull up in time for turn 1, where several in front had gone wide. Ended up in 2nd I think for the next few turns, until I went wide being a little too eager and everyone I was holding up got by. I banged in a few good laps, but keep going wide on the same turns letting people through until I ended up in front of Berlsy. Webber then caught and passed him, and he was soon was not far behind me. I stayed in front for a little while, but he eventually got me as I went wide AGAIN. I matched his speed for a few laps, trying to recover and put some pressure on, but went wide and Berlsy got me as well. Buckled down to some hard racing and managed to catch up with a struggling Berlsy on knackered tyres towards the end. DId a few laps right on his tail, until it was the last few corners of the race. Out-braked myself and gave him a little nudge (sry mate) and then managed to get by. Ended up 3rd to my suprise.....gained through others misfortune I guess....not that I'm complaining Very Happy

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Re: Post Jarama

Post by Wally26 on 5/23/2011, 9:15 am

BUMP! proper results now up and watch this space for race review

On the most I was very impressed overall with the racing given the increased numbers.
One person though was very dissapointing......... Wally26

I used the clutch instead of brake r1 t1 and shot across infront of everyone... Not good and I am terribly sorry for those people I ruined the race of.
Tried to make a charge through the field and knocked someone off.. readressed and lost the lead of class 2.

Race 2 wasn't much better but again I made mistakes and turned a couple of people around... Very sorry to those guys.
I am racing with pneumonia and a fever but that isn't an excuse.... Once again sorry to those I tagged, it wasn't intentional just some misjudgements on my behalf.

Hopefully I will make a better showing of myself next week.
To everyone else well done cheers
Thanks for your patience with our new guys.


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Re: Post Jarama

Post by Obbzy on 5/23/2011, 10:00 am

Hi all,

Couldn't make it last night as I was out of town. Crying or Very sad
Sounds like there was plenty of thrills & spills.

I should be back for this w/end though. cheers
Catch yas on track


cheers OBBZY cheers "You know you're in trouble when the first person to get to you after a wreck is carrying a beer"- Jimmy Horton


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Re: Post Jarama

Post by Berlsy on 5/23/2011, 6:09 pm

R1 got a reasonable start and managed to get through the first corner unscaved. had a good battle with shano for a few laps but managed to get by and take 3rd. noticed dan was catching me pretty
quick, tried to keep him behind behind but i knew i was fighting a losing battle. i ran a bit wide and dan got past and left me for dead. came home in fourth, pretty happy with that cause thought
the commo would really struggle here

R2 had a pretty ordinary start and found myself in seventh. got into an awesome battler with greedy and webber for quite a few laps, managed to get past greedy when he ran wide, then webber got
passed when i went a little bit wide into turn 1. got past shayn and dave to take third and pulled a gap on dave until my tyres started to go off. was watching dave get closer and closer and with 2 laps
to go he was right on my bumper. did everything i could to keep him off in the last lap but he gave me a little tap coming into the last hairpin and i went a little bit wide . tried to get back past but my tyres were nackered. had a bloody good nights racing, looking forward to dijon, a big straight and some tight stuff so should make for some good racing.

cheers berlsy


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Re: Post Jarama

Post by shano on 5/24/2011, 12:54 pm

well race 1 didnt go exactly to plans got swamped by a bucket full of commos...then got caught up by wally and shayn behind me but i made several mistakes and ended up losin it... got into a good battle wit da volvo.. had heaps af good times in race 1..

race 2...started of steady got into alot of good battles with a few guys and stayed on track for a 5th which i was happy wit...

had another great nite...

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Re: Post Jarama

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