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Looking for some help with the SLS software

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Looking for some help with the SLS software

Post by TTR Benny on 7/14/2011, 6:04 pm

Are looking at using the sls simracway software which keeps track of all the points upcoming events etc I have setup the f1 1979 series only because the cars were listed and we are going to trial for this series

What I was wondering if anyone has used it before and can give me some help getting the tcl cars in and v8's etc also the tracks.

Any help would be appreicated


3rd 2010 BMW Series - 2nd 2011 TCL Series - 2nd 2011 NZV8 Series
1st 2011 Porsche Series - 2nd= 2011 V8 Supercar Series 2 -
2nd= 2011V8 Endurance Series
3rd 2012 NZV8 Series - 2nd 2012 V8 Supercar Series 1 1st 2012 NZ SuperTourer Series 1
TTR Benny

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Re: Looking for some help with the SLS software

Post by TTR kris on 7/14/2011, 8:25 pm

me and software em.... sorry me and hamers is good let me no when you need help with them, gas cutting or air arcing lol!
TTR kris

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Re: Looking for some help with the SLS software

Post by FDG-Stitch on 11/21/2011, 11:03 pm

Gday guys.

We have had SLS running for our Combined FDG-ADF V8 Championship for some time now and once setup, it is a cool thing.

Operative words here are "Once setup"

Unfortunately I have very little to do with it.

And it is still in the process of being upgraded to V8FU1.1

FDG Goanna and ADF Dizz are our SLS Admins

If you wanted to come say Hi in our forums, I am sure one of them could point you in the right direction.

I was going to leave a link to our forums and SLS but understandably my permissions here do not allow that yet.

You can find a link to our forums in the LiveRacers Tracker. Fair Dinkum Gamers.

That's how I found you.

Once there you can click on the Race Results Link at the top of our forums to see our SLS all setup.

Tell em I sent ya..



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Re: Looking for some help with the SLS software

Post by -=[FDG]=-Goanna on 11/25/2011, 9:04 am

Looks like you've got it sorted Benny, good job. If you don't want to show the dedicated server and available services blocks on the LHS of SLS then you can turn them off by going into config-> blocks and on the right you'll see a + - and edit button, just click on the - button. You can also add blocks if you wish from the same area similar to the "clock" I've got on FDG's SLS.



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Re: Looking for some help with the SLS software

Post by Sponsored content

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