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Post Race: Watkins Glen

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Post Race: Watkins Glen

Post by M1N1K0B3 on 7/16/2011, 9:59 pm

Did some practice for this one Very Happy

Was doing some good laps on default setup then got a setup from the guys and started exploding times! Very Happy

Was meant to do a 2 lap run in the final mins of quali but missed the line by about 10 seconds. Was happy with 2nd.

Race 1: Got a bad start! Unusual for me! lol I wasn't looking at the lights and when I looked they just switched to green! Lost 2nd place to kiwi but straight away got a good run on both himself and milo and took 1st place. Then just cruised around for the whole race and won! Very Happy

Race 2: Got an alright start and was braking a lot later compared to the other guys so just a lights to flag win!

Race 3: Started last with the reverse grid. Milo had a shocker start and passed him already. I was almost going 3 wide entering turn 1 with some people! Then got a good exit and just picked everybody off one by one. Ended up 3 Wide turn 1 with Kris and Kiwi! Got them both with a good exit. Finally got Wally and went around the outside of him in a desperate move to lose as little time as possible! I think he lost traction might have caused him to get a little bit unsettled even though we made no contact but sorry about that. Or he might have used me as his brake marker and I was braking almost 20 - 30 meters later than some guys lol. Then was comfortably leading by 9 seconds after the pit-stops and my graphics card started to reset itself.

I got it back from warranty a month ago (My Laptop) so I think I had to update the drivers and updated them now and gonna test this out when I can! For the past week rFactor after about 20 minutes the card resets itself.

So anyway had to park at the chicane and alt tab out and back in to get everything back to normal. Lost 15 seconds and in the end was doing the fastest laps I could! Spaz spun out in front so now milo was the last one to hunt down. Tyres were shot, I was on the limit but it wasn't enough. milo won by 2 seconds and it was a great race even if the graphics card issue cost me the win Sad

But great round nonetheless! Good to go out with some wins and the round win Very Happy Thanks all!


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Re: Post Race: Watkins Glen

Post by TTR kris on 7/16/2011, 10:11 pm

mean as fast semi even racing tonight, it was all go
WD all and good racing kiwi spaz milo wally benny and dano who i battled with
wd milo mini for the wins
thanks kiwi for the series cheers cheers cheers

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TTR kris

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Re: Post Race: Watkins Glen

Post by KKR kwik-kiwi on 7/17/2011, 6:49 pm

Great nights racing !!! cheers cheers cheers cheers

Some of the best racing I have had in a long time......

Hope you all enjoyed the series..... look forward to doing it all again one day!!! bounce bounce bounce bounce


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KKR kwik-kiwi

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Re: Post Race: Watkins Glen

Post by milo on 7/18/2011, 7:10 am

Cheers Kiwi for the great series.

I went into The glen having to beat Kris to win the series, i know that was going to be hard giving his pace at the moment.
Didnt get as much time on track as i had at other rounds, but the practise went good on this legendary track.

Qually went good with a new PB.
Had an alright start but my realtime distance counter wasnt working at this track so wasnt totally sure where everone was, you can only see so much from the cockpit. looking left and right and not wanting to hit anyone, lost a few places with pple steaming through. made some good passes to get back upto second and was happy just to sit there for some good points, only to run outta juice with 3 corners to go, and came to a stop about 10metres from the finish, thanks to wally for the help across the line.

From here was when i really had to work for it, rear of grid start. had some of the best pressure racing with kris and kiwi, alot of fun.

Another rear of grid start, got a crap start. somemore awsome racing threw the feild to second coming outta the pits. mini had a comp issue so i inhereted first. spaz was right on me and i was holding him up, he said he didnt want to put a move on incase he spun me. cheers bro. he made a mistake to give me a cruz to the line for my first TTR championship.

Cheers again Kiwi, great job mate.


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Re: Post Race: Watkins Glen

Post by dano on 7/22/2011, 7:59 am

Thanks heaps Kiwi.
I really enjoyed running in this series. The track selection was awesome. I liked the new ones I hadn't raced at before and always love Laguna Seca.


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Re: Post Race: Watkins Glen

Post by Sponsored content

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