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November 2018

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Teretonga - Post Race

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Teretonga - Post Race

Post by KKR kwik-kiwi on 9/13/2011, 9:49 pm

Great night again....

Had some great dices for position through-out the 3 races......

Wasn't that last corner awesome! lol!

How did your night pan out....

pirat TTR kris won the sandcastle competition by the way cheers

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KKR kwik-kiwi

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Re: Teretonga - Post Race

Post by wobblyone on 9/13/2011, 10:24 pm

top nite again......please tell me its only a 2 round championship eh? lol!

had a great nite quali expected p2 after squeek had been untouchable in his "blueprinted" toyota.... went out and im sure due to the bourbon injection system ive been developing and testing recently i found the 6 tenths i needed, posted a 1.05.450 my pb after 5 laps......thought sweet that'll do, good pig. pulled in and continued my development programme to the beta stage....hic, then at the dying minutes mr squeek pulled a 1.05.400 out of the bag and grabbed pole affraid

race 1 had great dice from start to finish with squeek, who i have to say it bloody quick and deserves a lifetime ban because of it....nah seriously really nice to have a new guy onboard and ur a pleasure to dice with mate, a good laugh and helpful with setup which is what we are all about i think? Kris may disagree after tonight im sure he things its a sandcastle building club, cheers

race 2 was great till lap 13 and i binned it on the last turn after leading 4 the previous 12 Embarassed group C got right with me and i was shouting to my self NO NO NOOOO after all the hard work ive done, he then obligied by binning it on last lap no doubt over exited like we all get when we sniff a last lap win Smile

race 3 had a great race but had to pull quali laps and not make a mistake start to finish 90% of my laps were in the 05's just to stay ahead of him, beat C by tens secs......hardest race of my life without a doubt, couldnt relax for a second, unlucky to squeek who couldnt turn his pace into the results he deserved sure ur be back at the next 1 matey Smile

thanks again to everyone for a fun night and really enjoyed having the crack with u all,

just a thought do u think kris was in the dirt looking 4 trannies? Rolling Eyes

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Re: Teretonga - Post Race

Post by shaynskyline on 9/13/2011, 10:41 pm

lols, drunken posts.


and im sure they all enjoyed "having the crack" with you.

haha. was busy tonight, couldnt get in on this. ill be at the next one.


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Re: Teretonga - Post Race

Post by wobblyone on 9/14/2011, 9:28 am

whats wrong wih my crack shakey........ Smile

oh i dont feel well today, serious hangover no more tuesday drinking and staying up till midnight, U lot are a bad influence on me, Laughing

i may have to rethink my bourbon ingestion system currently fitted to all my vehicles Rolling Eyes

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Re: Teretonga - Post Race

Post by TTR kris on 9/14/2011, 6:25 pm

lol kiwi & wobbly
i had a good 2nd race. the setup was all good, 3rd race i bet everyones 1st sector time and go so excited i flew off into the sand a lap or 2 later , did ya see me in there any one??? lol, took 7 minutes to get out, next lap or so some how i ended back in there, seems i cant except change in my life, whos ya mate, i dont know what a tranny is they arnt evented here yet we are 10 years behind you guys tongue they might come after we get traffic lights
TTR kris

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Re: Teretonga - Post Race

Post by squeeekmo on 9/15/2011, 6:43 pm

Awesome racing last Tuesday, I had a ball.
Set my sights on beating Wobbly this week but fell short unfortunately. At least i grabbed pole from him Wink.

In race one I was hot on Wobbly's Tail all race. But he was just too quick and i couldnt get up beside him to attempt to overtake and finished second.

Race two Group C got round me early on and we swapped positions a few times until i missed my breaking marker and went into the sand and lost 2 laps and finished in 8th.

Race 3 was Amazing, Group C and me swapped postions all race until about lap 20 (giving Wobbles the chance to pull away) When i got on the outside of him in turn 1 and we touched which spun me around. Still managed to finish 3rd. I recommend watching the replay to that one Wink.

Had a great night overall and thanks to Group C and Wobbly for some great battles.

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Re: Teretonga - Post Race

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