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Round 4: Wanneroo Post Race

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Round 4: Wanneroo Post Race

Post by shaynskyline on 9/18/2011, 10:28 pm

Post your version of events.

This really is gonna be quick this time. Had a shocker lol.


Filled up about 5 laps worth. Chucked on Soft Rubber, after 3 laps i did a 0:59.824. Good enough for 6th Behind BillyBob. My first 59 all week.


I decided to try something different, as i cant match you guys for speed over a distance. So i went for a 2 stop strategy.
In short, it didnt work. Ran the whole race on Meds and Half fuel.

Any places i made from pitting early, i just lost when i had to pit again, as im not fast enough in the skyline to build any kind of advantage.

I guess i didnt think it through properly. Oh well, didnt lose much, i think i would have ended up in the same spot anyways.

Feel kinda stoopid really, the only reason i could keep anyone behind me cos i had half their fuel and Medium tyres. They ended up beating me anyways.

Let Billy and Berlsy go past in the late stages as i knew i had to stop again.

Ended up 7th out of 9 finishers.

I dont expect to win at all, i'm happy to be able to keep up with some one over a long distance, or even pass someone? lol.

Didnt have any major trips onto the grass, so that was a good thing. And got a nice time in qualifying compared to what id been getting all week. So not all bad news.

Thanks for the race. Heaps of fun and great racing, results aside.


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Re: Round 4: Wanneroo Post Race

Post by menthol369 on 9/19/2011, 3:59 pm

Quali- was good but didnt match my PB managed a decent 58.4 though. put me in 2nd.

Race- had a good start, was glad i snagged 2nd instead of pole as i had the inside to the first turn. kept the lead for a few laps but didnt have the car in a rythem. had a great dice with racer but made a mistake and let him and webber through. i stopped trying to keep up with them and conserved tyres.

Racer and webbers fighting let me catch up, i passed racer as i think his tyres were shot. i kept a steady distance behind webber till he lost it with a huge powerslide coming out of the 2nd last turn. few laps later webber caught me and then pitted. i stayed out another 3-4 laps.

Pitted and dropped to 3rd. i was 20sec behind the leader.. i went on a massive charge gaining about .600 or more a lap. i caught racer (again tyres lol) had a little dice and got by. i caught webber with 4-5 laps to go and managed to get right on his ass. then stupidly dropping a wheel on the grass and losing 7 seconds on him.

caught up by the last turn eith a 3-4 sec gap .

was a bloody good race.

cheers guys!


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Re: Round 4: Wanneroo Post Race

Post by racer69 on 9/19/2011, 5:06 pm

A great race between myself, Webber and Dan for the honours last night

I had a great qualifying lap, getting within a tenth of cracking the 57s

As Dan says, for some stupid reason pole position is rewarded with the outside of the grid for turn 1 (and the grids not even staggered at that)... but we both got good starts and went side-by-side around turn 1, with me coming out ahead.... until a ran wide at the long left hander letting Dan through.

We had a great battle early on with Webber watching, before i got under Dan at turn 1.

After 15 laps i had Webber all over me, and my tyres were fading rapidly. I was defending a fair bit, but doing alright at it. Coming along the front straight i braked a tad too late for turn 1 with Webber all over me and went off, rejoining about 5secs back with Dan right on me. I couldn't make any headway so after Dan snuck by i pitted for new tyres about lap 23. I came out of the pits and got stuck in, setting my best laps of the race.

By the time the pitstops had played out, i was in the lead again by about 3secs. Webber though on his fresher tyres hunted me down and got passed me when i made an error. I tried staying with him but couldn't, had another small off and then had Dan all over me. We had another great little battle and he got through. By then i had nothing left and spent the last 15 or so laps sliding round and unable to push... third isn't so bad but i've got to stop the niggling little mistakes i've made this season.

I've also got to learn how to look after a set of tyres better lol Smile

Well done all, and i can't wait to next Sunday Smile


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Re: Round 4: Wanneroo Post Race

Post by David Paterson on 9/23/2011, 9:25 pm

I almost made it to this round. I spent the weekend in Canberra for my cousin's wedding and on sunday night i went to my uncle's place for dinner. I've been trying to convince him to get rFactor for ages, he finally agreed and we got it installed and running .

In order to avoid massive downloads, we copied all my cars & tracks and settings on to a portable hard drive and then installed them on his computer and then spent two days ironing out bugs. I got into the practice session, but wasn't able to make it for qually or the race. Files that worked perfectly on my computer, didn't work on his, so a lot of mods ended up being deleted, downloaded again and reinstalled.

He wants to do heaps of practice offline before racing online, but when he's ready i'll convince him to join us.
David Paterson

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Re: Round 4: Wanneroo Post Race

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