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Round 6 - Post Lakeside

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keep 1 hour races or have shorter sprints until the endurance rounds

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Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by shaynskyline on 10/16/2011, 9:03 pm

WD GrpC for winning both races. You sir are a legend. Congrats to Billy and Berlsy for podium. Awesomes!!!!!!!!!



Wheel was playing up, couldnt get the ffb to work. Only managed to set a lap good for tenth.

Race 1

Gotta a killer start, jumped four spots on the grid, but lost em all before the first lap was done. Made mistakes, ran wide, finished last of the faster cars.

WD to GrpC for winning in the M3. Its amazing what you can do with that car man. Supreme.

Race 2

Started 2nd on the grid due to being last in Race 1. 5th spot was mine by lap 2.

Ran off, hit a barrier, destroyed front wing, steering suffered. Lost 2 more spots.

Hit grass on the straight, yes, i was driving straight and hit grass. Speared off into a fence. Wheel went flying into the lake.

The fish will probably make better use of it than i did.

Maybe next race will be more successful.

Or not.

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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by David Paterson on 10/16/2011, 9:32 pm

Missed qualifying because my sister came over to check her emails, no internet at her new home. Logged in with 30 seconds to spare and wheel wouldn't work!!! Mad frantic reconfig & reboot and made it to race.

Race 1:
Got a great start, made 3 places, but Commodore 2 rows ahead got a shocker and i was boxed in, back to last by the end of the lap. Stayed out of trouble, Med tyres were too hard, they were like new at the end of the race. Started with 15 laps of fuel on board and ran out on lap 14.

Race 2:
Got an absolute ripper start and made 5 places. Lost them all within a few laps. Tried to dice with Wally, covered the inside line at Eastern loop, but i understeered and slid into the side of him, he still made the pass.

Kakswell pulled an awesome pass around the outside at Dunlop, well done, then dropped it coming onto the straight, i had nowhere to go and t-boned the spinning wreckage. Smashed up the nose, but no mechanical damage.

Shaz lapped me then moved over to let a fast car down the inside coming on to the straight, but she ran wide, tagged the fence and headbutted pit wall. Pitting for repairs put her almost a lap behind me, then i really put my head down and drove as hard as i could to stay in front.

Med Tyres were still like new at the end. Overcompensated for Race 1 error and finished with 6 laps of fuel in the tank.
David Paterson

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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by racer69 on 10/16/2011, 9:39 pm

Don't get too down Shayn, its meant to be fun and relaxing remember. You are on the pace and are a very considerate driver, just stick with it and it will come in time Smile

As for me;

Qual - Managed my best time yet to crack the 53s, less than a tenth quicker than GrpC, and the others weren't far behind either.

Race 1 - Didn't get a great start and slotted into second place behind GroupC. W had a great dice for the first half of the race, i was ducking and diving all over the place to try and get past, but GroupC was placing his car perfectly and i couldn't find anyway past.... i had a lose around mid-distance which dropped me back in the pack, and i just tried too hard trying to catch back and made some more errors, leaving me 5th.

Race 2 - The reverse grid gave me abit of a leg up thanks to a difficult first race, and i managed to sneak inside Shayn on lap 1 and pull a gap. As the race wore on though GrpC was always 1-2secs behind me constantly and ready to pounce.

About three-quarter distance ran wide onto the grass at the Eastern Loop .... in doing so i missed the sector timing beam and it didn't count my lap.... as i rejoined GrpC was just about to come past me and i was given a blue flag (though GrpC with the momentum was coming through anyway).... with the lap docked i was put back to 5th and thats where i stayed.... so i'll take the 5th but the moral 2nd Wink

Roll on Sandown next week

PS... the 2-race format seemed to work well, so i'd vote for keeping the 2-race format for the next 3 rounds, then onto the single-race enduro's.


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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by TTR Benny on 10/17/2011, 8:50 am

With the shorter distance races I was able to jump on for the first race.

Did a couple of laps in the morning in the VL and 56 was best I could manage just couldn't get it to feel any good. Jumped on the server about seven and was having the same problem, So with 10 mins of practice to go figured I'm not in any championship position to worry about so Decided to have a run in the Sierra for a bit of fun. Heading into Qual found myself getting in the way of Racer and Dan not purposely but caused one accident with Racer by braking a little early to let him through and one with dan by leaving him room but probably on the side that he wouldn't been able to make the corner at the speed he was approaching. Headed into the next session trying to be super aware of cars approaching on this fast track

In Qual running my usual standard fill it up for weight soften the arse end rest default and hang on managed to put the car on to 5th on the grid and was really happy.

On the formation lap was my first go at launching this car and got heaps of wheelspin and big sideways so was trying to be a bit easier off the line at the proper start. So sorry to those behind me I bogged it badly and could get it to spool up quickly by the time I did most of the field had come past. Had floyid behind me who I had bugger his start as well him my very slow launch and we were chasing down Shayn and a Vl infront of him. Floyid was quicker than me but the HP of the sierra made it pretty easy for me to keep him behind, while I was waiting for my chance to attack Shayn. Got through I think as Racer spun coming back on to the track and Shayn had no where to go. Then sitting comfortably in 5th at the half way mark had a moment and ran wide at turn 2 and lost 4 places waiting for everyone to come past so I could safely re enter the track. Made a couple of mistakes pushing to hard then came across shayn spinning at turn one and we got together as he reentered the track. From here I had to work hard to back in touch with Katswell and shayn which I managed to get them both before the end of the race.

Had great fun really enjoyed myself

The thing I love about racing at TTR is the fact that everyone is super respectfull of the other racers. Just a small thing and no dig at anyone but just maybe for everyone to be aware of, spinning really does suck and the first reaction is get going again and make the ground up, personally did see a few people coming back on the track that then affected other peoples race. I do understand how hard these cars are coming off the grass at low speed and worn tyres and I know no one does it on purpose and the approach speed of cars on this track made it very difficult to find a time to re enter without loosing to much time. As I said I wasn't fussed about my contact in the race at all but just wanted to bring to everyone attention that at high speed track like this cars can be on you way before you think and it is easy to get caught out

Great fun wish I could run with you guys more often so I can actually get use to driving this mod.


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TTR Benny

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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by shaynskyline on 10/17/2011, 10:12 am

I think I was guilty of a dodgy re-entry or two, so I would like to apologize for anybody that I may have scared the crap out of.

Will try to be more aware in the future.



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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by shano on 10/17/2011, 1:05 pm

qualied bit off wat i had been doin but ah well...

race 1 went well plodded along to 4th i think...

race 2 turned to shit right off the start lol.. ploughed a coralla think was wally or dave so yeah sorry about that... pretty much plodded around with bent steering after that...

well done to top 3 again....

if we run shorter races can we ditch reverse grid....

sandown will be mint home track lol... think its skylines too....

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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by Webber on 10/17/2011, 1:33 pm


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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by shaynskyline on 10/17/2011, 2:46 pm

Yep, just a short walk for me. So ill be getting plenty of practice in. Lol.

The selected lakeside track turned out to be pretty good to race on.

The Billy/Dan battle at the end of the race was very good to watch. Especially Dan running over the finish line in reverse. Gold.


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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by groupcaction on 10/17/2011, 3:06 pm

Another great night had by all... Knowing Lakeside was gonna be another track the M3 could excel on i put in abit of practice through the week.

Quali: Set a PB thanks to alittle tow down the straight from one of the Sierra's. (Could of been Shano!? ) Thanks mate!! Started 2nd alongside Racer.

Race 1: Knowing how fast the Sierra's are down the front straight i knew i had to get the jump on Racer, luckly i did but from there he put immense pressure on me. We had a good ol' ding dong that went on until Racer made alittle mistake exiting Hungry corner i think and ran onto the grass. AWESOME driving there Racer, i can't remember the last time we went door to door but that really was epic!!! You drove very clean & i hope i did the same back!! I backed the pace off then to conserve tyres as the LF was abit shot. P1 ... very happy after a hard race!!

Race 2: Didn't know we were doing a reverse top 10, but i was excited at the thought of a tight track with a bunch of mixed cars/drivers that it was gonna be a good one!
It took as long as the kink to get the action happening, i think it was Wally n Shano who got together. I just missed Shano got tagged from behind (Not your fault... Might have been Dan or Billy Bob) but once the race settled down i was in a great dice with Bersly and Dan... I knew i had a tenth or two over the pair of them on a clear track but that front straight is a killer for the M3...
Everything i'd make around the back i'd lose down the front!! Eventually i got passed Bersly and set after Racer... It was a consitent 2-3seconds for alot of the race. He'd go quicker, then i'd peg him back!! A great dice until Racer ran wide an missed one of the timing marks which was a real shame as i'd love to have continued that battle to the end!! Another race win that was a hard fought battle!!

Looking on to Sandown this weekend... Hope to see everyone there again!! The lil M3 is gonna struggle around here with the long front & back straights so a Top 6 will be like a victory haha

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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by Berlsy on 10/17/2011, 6:07 pm

qualified pretty well with a 54.9, did a 54.5 in practise though

R1 - got a good jump and settled into fifth behind dan with shano hounding my bumper. had a brief but fun battle with shano but he soon got passed. passed dan when he ran wide at the hairpin but he passed me straight back when i ran off on the next corner. then on the next lap i outbroke myself and spun at the hairpin. had to wait for clean track to get back on which put me in 9th i think. after a lap or 2 i caught the back of a 4 car battle but stupid me got into the back of floydie causing him to have a half spin. sorry bout that mate, totally my fault. chased floydie for about 4 laps till he ran a bit wide and allowed me to get passed. passed kakswell soon after which put me back in 4th. had racer coming like a frieght train behind me, had a great battle with racer for a few laps but soon enough he got passed but on the next lap he had a spin at the hairpin. pretty happy to come home in 4th

R2 - started 6th and was running 5th coming into the first hairpin. got passed billy when him and floydie got together. passed floydie a few laps later but then had groupc right up my date. drove my ass off trying to keep him behind but the beemer was to good in the twisty stuff. dan passed me a couple of laps later. from then on drove my butt off trying to keep with dan and groupc but soon enough they were out of sight. unfortunately for racer he span and missed a timing marker and i came home in second. cheers

gota say i like the 2 race format. was getting a bit boring driving around by myself in the hour races but i think we should stick with the longer endouro races
cheers berlsy


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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by BillyBob on 10/17/2011, 9:24 pm

Congrats to GroupC abd also to Berlsy for bringing the Commodore home in 2nd spot.. outstanding!

I qualified 4th, happy with that, would've like to have out-qualified Dan but he nailed me in the dying minutes to take 3rd.

Race one started well, everyone got away well and it must have been a six car race into T1, I managed to duck up the inside of Dan to slot into 3rd behind GroupC and racer. Held 3rd for 2 laps but ran wide at T1 and lost 3rd to Dan then got pushed wide at the last turn over the hill and lost 2 more spots. I started on closing the gap to Berlsy and Shano. Berlsy had a spin at T1 moving me up to 5th and closing on Shano.
I fought it out with Shano for the next 4 laps or so,,, passing racer out on the grass moving us both up another spot. I think my tyres were in much better shape than Shano's as it looked like he was struggling for grip and i was able to make a pass into T1 to take third... the gap to Dan was too much to close down so i concentrated on putting in clean consistent laps to finish 3rd.

Race 2 started ouy of 7th, got away well but tagged the side of floydie causing me to spin, and then punted kakswell causing him to spin.. really sorry i should've anticipated he would be braking sooner at that moment and then waited for him to regather and pass me again losing more spots so i think i finally started lap 2 in 12th brhind Shano. Passed Dave and Floydie who appeared to be off to the lake for a swim so now in 10th. Quickly caught Wally and Shano and followed Shano through as he made a pass on Wally to start L4 in 9th. Made an easy pass on Shano.. dont know if he missed a gear or just let me thru but i was surprised to take 8th so easily. Started L5 closing in on Shayn and Shazam and passing them both to start L6 in 6th. I guess someone ahead had some trouble cos i noticed on lap 12 that i had moved up to 5th. I found myself in 4th on L25, i guess due to racer going off, and closing on dan.I finally caught up to dan at the end of lap 30 and chased hard until dan came unstuck handing me 3rd spot.

A great night of racing with great driving by all.. punting kakswell was a bummer but i was otherwise pleased with a clean consistent run.
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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

Post by shano on 10/18/2011, 8:04 am

edit myn yeah qualy way more down than 4th lol...

and watched replay didnt get tapped at kink in str8 just went from outside to inside to find a wally who i nailed hard... sorry heaps was completely my fault miss judged it big time....

and yeah billy let ya through car was in no shape for balltles lol.....

sandown practice will be intense hard practice after drm 2nite.... which i must say the drm cars are hardcore as.....

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Re: Round 6 - Post Lakeside

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