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Post Rd 9 Oran Park

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Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by shaynskyline on 11/13/2011, 9:31 pm

Give us your reports ppl. More the better.


Been doing laps all week so i was pretty confident i could do a decent time. Only just got into the 11s tonight.
Close to the end of Qual i was about 7th, on the last lap i chucked in a low 11 and got infront of Dan for 5th spot. Beat him by .010
Really happy to beat him, he is super fast every qual. But i think he hadnt had much prac. So eh.

Race 1

Got a decent start for the first race and found myself chasing Webber and GrpC by lap 2 in 5th spot. Webber turned it around in the back corners and i took over 4th spot. Awesomes! I knew it was a short race so i was happy to be up the front for once.
I had a small off in T2 and Billy passed me right away, with Wally speeding up behind me. Billy and Shano took T2 wide and me and Wally got by them, putting me into 3RD SPOT! with Wally right on me. I managed to keep him behind me by a least a second or so, the Merc was good in the turns but the R31 had too much steam on the straight bits. He was pressuring me the whole way, and i knew i couldnt make a mistake. This battle went on till lap 9 when i inevitably went deep and he got by in the back corners. But the straight was coming up so i didnt panic. And so was Wobbly, we werent going fast enough to keep him at bey. On the pit straight we formed a 3 car draft line, Wobbly jumped out on me, and i jumped out on Wally running three abreast into T1. Wobbly got through and stole 3rd place.
I chased him as fast as i could but he got away. I rolled in to take 4th spot.
Behind Sierras and a very fast M3, this was a really awesome result for me. On a track that i am not comfortable on. Very happy with 4th place.

Race 2

This one didnt go as well. Got a super start and bypassed the leaders and managed to slot in behind Racer for 2nd spot. Was going ok for a lap or so, but GrpcA was right on me all the way and i knew it was only a matter of time before he got by. He did it in the back corners, the M3 has so much speed in the corners and i just cant match that agility in the R31. He squeezed by onto the straight but i got back by him due to the skyline being too fast. Wobbly made it by him also coming down the straight and we pulled into T1 pretty close. Wobbly got a little close, and bumped my rear corner and i went flying into the sand and smash the concrete tyres.
With my front section flashing red i pulled the car out of the gravel and took off, back past Wobb who had waited for me unnecessarily. I probably broke in the wrong spot which caused him to hit me. Dont like seeing ppls races down the toilet just cos i went off. It probably woulda happened anyways. So thanks Wobb.
Spent the rest of the race muscling the R31 around with half the stability it had originally. Just tried to close the 26 second gap to the ppl infront, but it was useless. Managed to get it down to 22 at one point. Then a couple DNFs got me a 6th place finish.

Pretty confident for the enduro here next week, if i can keep my front bumper on i think i can do well again.

Great racing you guys. Thanks to anyone who read all that. Very Happy


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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by Webber on 11/13/2011, 10:40 pm

I had a combination of bad luck and shithouse driving.

On the first race start, got away OK, and after T1 had a huge gap to behind, but then saw some cars flying in the air!!

After the restart, I ran wide into T1, and rFactor had a seizure and mistakenedly triggered the track cut thingo whilst rejoining (I assume from the overbridge). Instant race ruiner -- stop/go penalty. Came 10th.

Race 2, got a great start, great first turns, had a few very polite dices with other drivers making my way up to 2nd. Racer kept a 3-4 second gap constant, while I was looking after tyres. Soon enough his tyres were fried and I was hounding him. He had a massive moment into T1 and cut across the infield to save himself (where was the stop/go? Twisted Evil just joking) and it was only a matter of time -- until I overcooked it into a wall and broke FR suspension :/ after that, nursing it home to 2nd and trying to keep ahead of GCA for championship points. He closed right up and I was driving defensively when he gave an accidental nudge and I spun. Full credit to him -- he redressed.

After doing exactly the same thing but with roles reversed after a 161-lap Bathurst yesterday, except for the win, I know it's hard to redress just before the finish, but it's the right thing to do, and what separates TTR from any old league.

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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by groupcaction on 11/14/2011, 8:41 am

Love Oran Park... always throws up good racing & last night was no exception!!

Quali: Put in a PB to be third... Top laps from Webber & Racer to lock out a Shell Sierra front row!!

Race 1: Got a great getaway, jumped the front row but damn no HP.. hahaha Think i got jumped by a couple others on the run down to Turn 1... After it all settled down it was Webber, Racer then myself with i think Shano, Shayn, Dan & Wally all close behind. Not sure how Webber made his mistake as i couldnt see through his n Racers tyre smoke but he went wide letting Racer & me through. From there it was lap after lap trying to catch Racer. He drove really well, pulling out a tenth or so a lap. In the last 2-3laps i'd say his tyres were cooked as i closed pretty quick but i ran outa time & settled for 2nd.

Race 2: Got a great getaway again but got out dragged into 1 again... 1st few laps were awesome, i had a great dice with Shayn, Wobbly & Webber... Got past Shayn at one stage but both him n Wobb nailed me down the straight... Everything ATCC stood for was on show in those first few laps!! I finally got back passed Shayn n was able to pull away but being caught up in that dice made my job too hard to pull Racer & Webber in. I think i went too hard a tyre on the M3 as i couldn't match those boys this race. Praying for a Racer/Webber door to door battle for 3-4 laps, i got my wish i think for 1/2 a lap hahaha i caught Webber on the 2nd last lap unaware he was limping home with a damaged car i tried a dart down the inside over the dogleg but i miss timed and drilled his rear bumper sending him off... Really sorry Webb.. only reason i stayed on it was i wasn't sure how far 4th was behind us, i pulled up n let him back through for 2nd on the straight. I took 3rd in what was a tough race.

Looking forward to the Enduro, really not sure how this race is going to go... Going to be a long hard race & i hope we get a good turnout!! The key will be to hangaround even if you spin once or twice or 500 times, cause it'll be a rate of attrition no matter what... Cya on Sunday kids Smile

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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by Wally26 on 11/14/2011, 1:22 pm

This track is excellant for these cars.

race1 was nibbling on shayn's heals applying as much pressure as I could. It is so much fun in these little cars when you can take it to some of the bigger guys. I made a mistake and he got away and I was unable to catch again.

Race2 was a humdigger. I am still wiping the grin off my face. First battling with Billy bob until he made a mistake or disco'd. Then having to keep pete 308 at bay was taking all of my skill, great driving pete. then an epic battle with Shano. This is what we are all about and I am looking forward to next week. might increase the laps yet, will see how far a fuel tank gets me on x3 fuel and make sure we at least are forced to have 1 stop.

if you have a co-driver please see if you can get someone from out of the league to race with so we can keep our numbers up...

well driven all and from my perspective especially shano, well done mate, I will remember that race for a long time to come, great fun


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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by Webber on 11/14/2011, 1:50 pm

Damnit you've sold me, I'm checking out the replay Wally!

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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by shano on 11/14/2011, 2:43 pm

qualy didnt go as planned just couldnt get lap time i thought i would.. but all good...

race 1 yeah sent shayn flipping across the track sorry about that 1 lol... sorry for restart guys...

race 1 cant remember lol think just plodded along best i could....

race 2 got good start but forked it turn 3 maybe and went in the dirt came out second last...

then had a big chase to catch pete and wally... just couldnt get close for at least 10 laps ... finally got onto the back of em and passed pete.. who was drivin pretty kewl ... then set out after wally which once passed i could not shake him at all... he owned me over the back half of the track... lucky i had a lil puff on the str8 to get away and rest lol...wally ran off then few laps later i did and was bumper to bumper again.. till finish....

was awesome to be having close battles and as wally said in earlier posts it not really matter if it for first or last there allways close battles goin on throughout the races....

was expecting to be paint swappin wit billy as me and him were close in times all weekend but think disco problems again...

and webber shit you was plowin good lap times wit no bumper lol... awesome battles between you racer a ex liger boss the OL GC lol.... and was funny were you lost bumper you it wall that said freedom lol.... bumper got its freedom lol....

thanks wally for makin me work hard for it lol... i was trashed at end .... awesome driving thanks...

see ya at enduro i hope it as good as this race...

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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by peter308 on 11/14/2011, 5:09 pm

ok now i no my momo has crapped its self was only getting 3/4 acceleration now its fixed im enjoy racing a bit more now. last night would have to be the most fun you can have with ya pants on now to work out setups and stop frying tyres and im home will have to watch replay because its all just a blur now. anyone with a m3 setup they would like to share would be great looking forward to enduro ....... Laughing


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Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by BillyBob on 11/14/2011, 5:26 pm

mmmm... not really a good night for me made too many errors and took myself out of the runnung.
The highlight of the evening was the battle with Wally in R2. This track really levelled out the field and made for great racing.
And no Wal, no disco... but an error forced by having to watch my mirrors for a merc divebomb!!! thouroughly enjoyed that.
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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by Wally26 on 11/14/2011, 10:45 pm

Webber wrote:Damnit you've sold me, I'm checking out the replay Wally!

if anyone wants the server replay let me know.
Server replays are smooth no matter what car your watching

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Re: Post Rd 9 Oran Park

Post by Sponsored content

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