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Post oran enduro

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Post oran enduro

Post by Wally26 on 11/20/2011, 9:39 pm

well back to my old tricks , disconnected on lap 4, hope everyone else went ok

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Re: Post oran enduro

Post by shaynskyline on 11/20/2011, 10:38 pm

Shame about your dc Wally, Billy too, and the others that didnt make it to the end.
I wouldnt have been upset with a restart. 4 laps isnt enough. Bad luck man.

i think only 6 of 14 drivers finished, so that is never a good result. Shame. BL.


Qual was all a mess, came off a couple times, caught traffic. Wasnt used to soft tyres on my setup. Managed i think an 11.5? maybe. Just beat Berlsy at the end for 5th.


I got away really well, and jumped a couple people before T1. Settled in behind Corty? in the M3 in 3rd place. I followed him for about 4 laps, with Wally hard on my bumper. Corty ended up spinning before the straight and i took 2nd place.
Shortly after i noticed Wally had disappeared, and feared he had DC'd.
Billy caught up to me by Lap 7, i held him off for a while but he too much pace on the straight and he got by me into T1 on Lap11. I was very happy to be able to stay within 2 seconds of Billy for around 11 laps. It's really good to be able to hang around great drivers more often lately. Billy is super fast and in the RS, stoked to not fall too far off him.
I ran a couple more laps after he stopped for pits, and pitted on lap 24. I always go too long, and i was worried that i had wrecked another race with a bad strategy after i came out in 5th spot. But two laps later i was back in 3rd spot, and Billy was back in 6th so i dont know what happened there.
I found myself in 2nd place about 10 seconds behind Racer69. From here i sat back and pushed on as fast as i could.

Berlsy was 10 seconds behind me and this worried me, i know he always closes in on me so i was checking the LCD every 5 seconds to make sure i was keeping a gap to him. To my surprise the gap was getting bigger, this doesnt happen, not when Berlsy is behind me. Maybe the Commo suffers at Oran, or he hadn't had much time to prac. Im not faster than Berlsy. Lol.

By lap 38 or so, after chasing Racer for aaaages, the gap to him had shrunk from 10 seconds to 4.8 seconds. but with two laps to go, i knew i hadn't made enough ground to catch him. Closing a gap to Racer made me pretty happy, after staying with Billy too it was a great race.
Brought the skyline home in 2ND place!! Yewwww!

Another faultless race, with no spins or stoopid mistakes is very satisfying. I did cut a corner or two when the tyres were getting tired, but I made sure I didn't gain from it. Having more people turn up/ finish the race would have been nice. But i guess we can only race who is there. Had Webber, Dan, Wally, GrpCa all competed, im sure the result would be a little different lol.

Ill take it though.

Fun night. Thanks guys. Sandown is gonna be unreal.


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Re: Post oran enduro

Post by shano on 11/21/2011, 1:11 pm

qualy went ok... got a shit start ended up in last by seecond corner lol......

was good nite as allways and look out at sandown i will be at pointy end....

bad luck to wally and bb... stupid internet.....

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Re: Post oran enduro

Post by TTR Benny on 11/21/2011, 4:54 pm

Jumped on at the last minute no setup had great fun the first few laps making Shano work to get past and then tried to stick with him and achieved reasonable lap times.

About lap 10 I was chasing Wobblyone who was in the same vote as me with setup and was starting to struggle heading into turn two I went up the inside of wobbly as he lost control, unfortunately as his car spun back around we got together and damaged both our suspension (all good I made the choice to take advantage of his misfortune and try to get through while he was a passenger) had to stop to repair the car 60 secs later came out and was 2 laps down i think.

Was trying to work out if I could make it to the end without stopping again and while I was going this had a big moment coming over the back hill and took the front of the car out. Bailed out at this point


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TTR Benny

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Post oran enduro

Post by Berlsy on 11/21/2011, 5:18 pm

qualified not to badly, got sixth behind shayn

got a good start and settled in behind wally and shayn. was hoping to be able to keep up with them but was really struggling in the commo. unfortanately wally dc'd so tried to keep pace with shayn but he was too fast and slowly but surely he dissapeared into the distance. ended up finishing third about 10 or so seconds behind shayn. had a fun night wrestling the commo around and trying not to destroy the tyres to quickly. can't wait for sandown, not so many corners and some decent straights cheers


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Re: Post oran enduro

Post by BillyBob on 11/21/2011, 5:22 pm

My night started graet but ended crap... due entirely to my own stupidity.

Qualied 2nd, mainly due to the absence of dan and webber, pretty happy with that all the same.

Race started well, got the jump on racer and led into T1... got a little excited at this point and ran out of road at T2!. Rejoined in 6th or 7th spot behind berlsy and chased him for a couple of laps until courty spun in frony of him and allowed me yo steal the line over the hill into the final turn. By this time with wal being discoed i was in 3rd behind shayn and finally caught him around lap 8. I pushed shayn hard for about three laps and only then at the end of the straight... the only place i could do it... nothing in it everywhere else. Nice driving shayn, you kept the corners well covered and without pulling a desparate move i had no way around you. I pushed as hard as i could th close ground on racer before the stops but also had to keep one eye on the mirrors as shayn was right behind.

Started losing too much time by L21 and pitted... this is where it all went wrong copped a drive thru which put me almost a lap down and while charging on i looked down to check my gap to the next car when POW... slammed the guard rail and blew a tyre.. so i bailed out at this point very dissapointed with myself lol.

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Re: Post oran enduro

Post by shaynskyline on 11/21/2011, 5:51 pm

aww, i know its no consolation Billy, but at least it wasnt a disconnection this time.

i mean that in the nicest way possible lol.

you were starting to get away when you pitted. I was planning on pitting in behind you, as i always go too far before pitting and ppl get away. But you kinda dove into the pits at the last second. I didnt have a chance to come in so i kept going two more laps.

Had you kept going i think you woulda been miles ahead with Racer. BL man.


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Re: Post oran enduro

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