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Gday from Fair Dinkum Gamers. -=[FDG]=-

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Gday from Fair Dinkum Gamers. -=[FDG]=-

Post by FDG-Stitch on 11/22/2011, 3:04 pm

I sorta did this in the Other Leagues thread, but thought it prudent to say hello here too.

Gday all.

FDG has been around for many years now, we started as an FPS association of gamers, (not a clan)

Originally we rented an Americas Army server from EGN in Victoria.

When I joined I was the 3rd to be granted -=[FDG]=- tags.

NukeOz is our Founder and Website Guru
Steve24622, 2IC and AON Representative. (Anti hack community.)
and then myself. I'm a dogs body, Very Happy I go where required.

Since then we have grown to almost 20 strong.
DocBlade, Server box Guru
Dodgey, Recruitment Officer
Dveight69, Server box access

ALL -=[FDG]=- members are financial and Admins of their respective games.

We run
2 Americas Army servers v2.8.5
2 rFactor V8FU v1.1 servers
2 ARMAII servers, 1 ACE Mod
1 Trackmania2 server (more to come)
4 COD4 servers (soon to be kyboshed for MW3)

Thanks for the racing the other night guys, I am sure at least DV8 and myself will be back for more.

I also invite any TTR to come join us on our Public server anytime.

As I explained in a previous post, ADF and FDG got together this year for our V8 Championship.
Our Champ server is password protected, generally 8PM Sydney time for DB and qualify start, (Quali is private)
7PM official practise starts

Unfortunately we have lost a few drivers due to Real life commitments and are looking for others to join us in our Thursday night comp.

ALL drivers must be a member of, or affiliated with an online race team.

This tends to weed out the killjoys you sometimes see in public servers.

You must also register in our SLS system to receive points.

TeamSpeak 3 is also a must for at least the Drivers Briefing.
Swearing is allowed in TS, but abuse towards another gamer will be frowned upon quite severely.
NO SWEARING in the game chat.

Race rules do apply.
eg. Re addressing a crash, If you inadvertently push someone off track, you MUST stop and wait for that driver to rejoin the field and take your position behind him or her.

Cheers, hope to see some of you guys soon.

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