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BMW 635csi

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BMW 635csi

Post by racer69 on 12/5/2011, 5:24 pm

The topic of the 635 and the bug with it in TCL came up last night post race.

From what i remember from a thread on RSC a while back, the bug (booting others off when a 635 driver leaves the server) only affected 635s from the 1988 season folders.

Obviously we'd have to have a test to check it all out, but Shano i remember ran a 635 in the 1987 WTCC season with no problems on the server, and 635s were used in the first TCL sunday season.

Just thought i'd put it in a thread after last nights discussion on the server, maybe others have more knowledge of it Smile


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Re: BMW 635csi

Post by shano on 12/5/2011, 6:14 pm

true racer and from memory i dont recall the 635 causing drop outs when i drove the 87 model... but yeah a test session wit more than 5 people wit sum1 choosin a 635 from all seasons and loggin on and off should at least narrow it a bit..

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