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Post by TTR Benny on 1/2/2012, 2:33 pm

During December Series Races and The Quick Server Period Over the Break we had issues on all Servers.

Bellow you will see posts we put up but the same things kept happen and slowly getting worse. We have been in Discussion and have been trying to work out a way of dealing with the slip in standards, behaviour towards fellow members and a way of combating Blow ins. After much Discussion we have made the choice to head down the line that a lot of other leagues have the you must be logged into TEAMSPEAK during an event. There are many reasons for this here a few

  1. Pre race rules and meetings are so much easier
  2. Knowing what a members problem is when they dropped out just before a race ie should we wait or not
  3. Dealing with blow in that are causing issues ( we can quickly change the server password and can tell everyone without having to use the whisper command to every member
  4. Text Chat can come across the wrong way people don't always realise that you are joking
  5. If there is an iccident admin can know about it and deal with it easier by talking it out quickly on teamspeak.
  6. Finally with all these iccidents lately as Admin we have found we are spending out whole time stopping our time on the track to deal with people and quite frankly we are on for some fun as well not to be kindergarten teachers which behaviour recently has left as being.

For Those that haven't used our teamspeak as yet here are the details
Details: IP Address
Password: No password needed
Teamspeak Download Link HERE:

Same rules apply as per the forum, no swearing or cursing

There will be grace period for members to get headsets of around the 1st Feb mark more if really needed.

If you have any questions or need help PM myself or Kwik Kiwi  

I have had untill recently a pair of cheap logitech headphones and mic that were really comfortable an I think cost me $35.00 there are cheaper options

Here are some from EB Games $13.00

For Those that haven't seen what was happening here are a few of the recent posts in a attempt to bring our racing back into line

HQ Server After Oran Park

The following not directed at anyone at all but everyone as a group there is nothing personal about anything from here on in, just something for everyone to take on board.
Ok We have had a few issues with this mod with people getting knocked off the track etc. Racer summed it up on the night if it does happen it isn't rarely on purpose not from any of our regular runners we have all made mistakes taking others out anyone that says that haven't is kidding themselves. It shouldn't but at times you can be unlucky and what feels like time after time. I had a run in DRM it was like three weeks in a row become an victim of someone's mistake but you move on knowing it isn't not on purpose it sucks but it happens.
The one thing I would say about the last few weeks is that I didn't see many sorrys in the chat but I did see people complaining they had been hit and so on, in fact it turned the whole of the third session warm up into 10 min complaining session. If there is an accident bare in mine when you go and make a comments on line during the night you have not viewed the replay had time to calm down and take everything into account. It is possible is wasn't the car behinds fault, you may have turned in on them, they might have been pushed by someone else and all set off by the first driver missing his brake marker and braking early there are so many different things could have happen that you haven't reviewed properly. Accusing people online during the event or after on the forum is a NO GO no excuses there is a process for this read the rules if you're unsure of it. The reason I have this rule is that quickly gets out of control and suddenly we become a league instead of all respecting each other and enjoying the company of the guys we race against remember the things that were said in the heat of the battle and it continues to sour the contest long after what was said has past.
Saying that the Impacts in this series have been higher but I don't believe it isn't related to the mod. It is the extra close racing of the mod and people taking a chance that may or may not be there or people not giving room to someone making a move. Not Only should be making your move fairly on someone but the person being passed must be aware of the traffic around them as well and give room where need or risk ending both drivers nights.

This is lap 1 race 3 Myself, Wally26 and Racer69 during this battle not once was paint swapped This went on from turn one to the top of the bridge. (Watch The replay instead of pictures bellow for a better idea of how it happened) For this to be achieved this room was given by all three drivers. First I saw Wally26 coming into turn 3 so left him enough room I could have closed the door but that would have been the end of my race, this went on though turn 4 (where picture pickup from) we were side by side from here all the way to the top of the bridge. Racer 69 whom is behind us has a couple of times he has a run on us but realises there isn't the room and backs out a little to make sure no contact is made. Finally coming over to the top of the Bridge I back out a fraction to drop in behind Wally26 as this is really a single line corner and I didn't want to risk the others race as well as mine, when I do this Racer69 backs off a little to make sure I get in without us touching each other. I can assure you Even though I was the looser through this exchange to Wally it was the most exciting part of my night three of us pushing each other to limits but giving each other more than enough room while fighting for the position. I know personally andI hope that wally feels the same but I can trust Wally 110% when in a battle and it makes the night more enjoyable being able to race so fairly against someone. Every pass we make on each other rarely is made over just one corner it takes a few to get it done but we very rarely trade any paint. Now this hasn't come over night racing with each other for so long we have earn't it with each other. With the Comment making during an events and bad moves here and there it creates doubts and you miss that chance to create a great rivialary with someone. As Allready stated Everyone makes mistakes don't think this is aimed at that just everyone be carefull and respect other drivers and will continue to run smoothly.

As Stated at the top not directed at anyone at all this is based on what I have seen on the nights and have spent the last few day reviewing replays

Novel finished


V8 Quick Racer Server

During last nights racing we witnessed some of the worst behaviour we have come across during the many years we have been sim-racing.
The guys that blew in with the only thing on their mind, to ruin our racing was bad enough, but to have members abuse other members and visitors was appalling and embarrassing.
It was mentioned only a few weeks ago about the slip in our driving standard and our attitude toward our fellow racers. This is not what we want TTR to be!
Not every visitor is there to ruin the race, nor is every guy faster than you, cheating............

We (admin) can swear with the best of them, however we believe the chat box is not the place for it. It can be taken out of context and cause offence when none was intended... this we saw last night as well.... So, please leave the swearing out of the chat box.

If visitors / members are causing you grief, let an admin or senior member know and let them handle it. Whisper to them, or get on Teamspeak , drag someone into a private room and have your say...... and then let them sort it.

We spent most of last night either banning the idiots or watching everyone's behaviour... we want to race too, not be a kindergarten teachers!

The idea of setting up the quick race servers was so that we could have FUN races during the holiday break... how much FUN did we all have last night?
Us admin?? -not a lot!

We have worked hard to have a good reputation and we will not see it damaged.

Right rant over..... clean it up guys..... and let's get back to what we do here... race hard and clean and with respect.

TTR kwik-kiwi and TTR Benny


Management of all races at TCL will randomly watch races on occasions and deal out penalties. Decisions will be fair and final!

examples only!

adelaide race 2.

lap 1 - Shano failed to readress after turning Billy bob around :- Minus 2 points race.
Lap 1 - Billy bob, unsafe re-entry after spin affecting D!2t:- official Warning
race long - D!2t not quite taking turn 1 chicane correctly:- Official Warning, also watch your chat please.

Example only no penalties or official warnings in this case


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