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Post Race Adelaide

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Post Race Adelaide

Post by KKR kwik-kiwi on 3/3/2012, 10:42 pm

Great turn out..

How did your race go?


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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by HazzA on 3/3/2012, 10:55 pm

Really enjoyed it, my first ever rFactor competition.

1st race, had a few incidents, finished up 13th.
2nd race, went fairly smooth, coming in 3rd.

Won't be able to make the next round @ melbourne, as I will be in melbourne for the Grand Prix. Very Happy


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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by shaynskyline on 3/4/2012, 12:00 am

Well done to everyone that raced tonight. Some excellent racing.

I qualified in 7th position, which was ok because i hadn't done much practice in these cars. Just came on a few hours before the race and got going.
Thankyou to Paul O'Dea for the setup he sent out. Worked great.

Race 1

Starting up the front was great, 7th is alot better than i usually do in these cars. DV8 jumped me early but i got back by him out he back pretty soon after. I got by newcomer MANZ also early. This put me in 6th place by lap 3. Another fast newcomer HazzA also dropped behind me so i took 5th and started to chase after Kwik-Kiwi.

The regular guys in V8s are always so fast, so i was happy that i was staying with some of the best. I kept up with Kiwi until the 8th lap when he forgot to brake for turn 3 and i got by putting me into 4th place behind another super fast guy Kris. On the next lap Kris got a bit loose coming on to the back straight and i closed in a little. I figured i was close enough to make a move on him coming into the end of the straight. I pulled off a sweet move and outbraked Kris to take 3rd. So happy with that, i almost felt guilty for doing it lol.

By lap 12 it was time to pit and i came in behind Benny. Went in 3rd, came out 5th as Kiwi sneaked by. A lap later kiwi got wide and i took back 4th spot again. I spent 6 laps chasing down benny and made a little time but not enough. He and Kris had a mishap on lap 20 and i took 3rd from Kris.

Got another pit stop done and spent the last 10 laps chasing Benny again. By the last lap i was right on his ass and looking for a way to get by to take 3rd. Coming into the turn 1 chicane he overshot it and ran across the paint. Benny slowed right down and i reluctantly took his place. Lol. Great gesture man.

From there just raced to the finish line in 3rd place. Awesome race. Sorry to Shaz for crashing into her at T2. I think i was a bit close and then you slowed down at a different place to me and i couldnt go anywhere. Feel pretty bad.

*deep breath*

Race 2

Got away pretty well, chasing Kris. Held off DV8 and HazzA for a while and managed to stay close to Kris. On lap 6 pulled another brake move on him off the back straight and pulled it off again. I think it was a little messier than the first one, but im pretty sure it was clean.

On lap 12 i came in for the first stop still in 2nd place!! I had managed to make a gap to Kris of about 4 seconds. Which is awesome, he's usually miles ahead. Wanna say sorry to DV8 for getting in his way in the pits, i didnt look as i was pulling out, sorry man, hope i didnt cost you too much time.

Came out of the pits in 6th place. Dammit! But by the next lap people had come into to get more fuel and i was placed back in 3rd again. This time behind Nugget and RRICHO. Great. These two guys were impossible to make any time on, i was losing .100s all over, and was just doing my best to keep it steady. And now i had Hazza on my butt. This guy is new, i haven't seen him before. All i know is, he was closing for a long time, and i couldnt shake him off. I'd get away through the turns but he would always catch me early in the lap. It was only lap 15 too, so i knew i had a fight on my hands. I basically drove the cars ass off for 14 laps trying to stay ahead of HazzA.

I jumped the chicane on the second last lap so i slowed to let him through, seeing as though Benny had done it for me the race before. Luckily, HazzA got wide soon after and i was able to get back by him into 2nd place again. On the last lap he was very close behind me coming off the back straight and attempted to pass me but left it too late and i managed to stay ahead. He got by me and i tapped him on the next corner so i slowed to let him keep going. Two turns to go and i it looked like 3rd was gonna be where i finished. I came around the last turn onto the straight and there's HazzA facing the wall. I crossed the line in second spot!!

Dunno what happened tonight, you guys are usually so much faster than me. Maybe it was the TCL race on sunday that helped with track knowledge or something. Really happy to beat some super fast drivers. What ever the reason was, lol.

Great night.


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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by HazzA on 3/4/2012, 12:31 am

haha, Yeh, 2nd race was great between the 2 of us shayne. We had the same pace through the race, from about lap 15 onwards? Nose-to-Tail to the finish line. I could never get a good run off the corners and try and slip up the inside, you were always on par with me exiting the corners.

It all came down to the last lap, I think you made a mistake at turn 1, letting me go through, but I only held 2nd for a couple of corners, and by turn 7 I believe you were back infront, that left me thinking about turn 9, and I was always going to have a dig. I did have a dig, and I believe dan? was also there, but a a lap down, I braked very late, and ended up sideways into the corner but still ahead of you, turn 11 you gave me a nudge, and almost turned me, but held it again, and I realised you let me stay ahead, cheers.

BUT, last turn, I thought, sweet, 2nd in this competition, awesome drivers, I did preety well. and then....

BAM, foot to floor to soon (for no fucking reason at all), spins it into the wall, through goes shayne saying thank you very much, and theres me deciding to reverse to the line to keep the crowd entertained.

Look forward to Symmonds Plains guys.


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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by TTR Benny on 3/4/2012, 12:25 pm

Points up they may change if anyone else registers today

Current Shayn leading the championship wd mate you drove extremely well all night

Race report soon


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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by RR1CH0 on 3/4/2012, 12:35 pm

Awsome fun!!! unfortunately had to get some shopping done before i picked the missus up at 8 thought id make it back the start of r1 but oh well
got home yas where on lap 5 so had a coupl of um hmmmm, im gonna say ciggies... lol
joined in 9 laps down just plugged away to see where i would finish i think 3 people had dramas ended up finishing 19th taking a lap back on most of the feild.
R2 start 19th just tried to be patient at the start and capitalize on peoples small mistakes by lap 5 was into 5th and about 10 secs of the lead just punched out the consistant laps and by the time i exited the pits after the first stop was ahead of shayne in 2nd (you must of had damage to fix m8) came in behind ya left in front of ya . 2 laps after exuiting pits hit the wall witch resulted in steering damage so had to slowly push to catch nugget and did by lap 17 pitted lap 21 and blazed away bad luck nugget on dropping out and well done shayne on the consistent podiums I think youll find yourself leading this thing lol... NOOOOOOO pressure m8

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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by FDG-Stitch on 3/4/2012, 2:29 pm

Awesome stuff, as usual at any TTR race.

Race 1 was a horror for me, mid field somewhere lap 5 and punched a huge hole in the wall on the front straight just before the chicane.
Flat front left I think, couldn't steer, needed to pit which tossed out any pit strategy I had planned.
Ended up pitting 4 times as my third I made a fuel error and didn't put enough in.

Finished way down the field.

Race 2 was going a lot better for me, was having a great battle with Kiwi for a few laps there, best posi. was 7th, pitted, then on dreaded lap 13 Pig Pond had a brain fart and I lost connection.

BUGGA !!!!!

Another great event guys WD TTR...

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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by Obbzy on 3/4/2012, 7:45 pm

Came in late so didn't qually (could've posted a time but didn't)..
started last, 22nd I think.
Kept out of trouble for first few laps.
Confronted with a stationary car (Colin I think)after 1st chicane, was chasing Dano closely and didn't see it until too late... bit of a punt.
Carried on, avoided most carnage, two good pitstops
followed Peter308 around for the last stint to claim 8th.
Couldn't stick around for R2 unfortunately.
I hope to make a few more races through the series if I can.
Top racing as usual @ TTR.
Cheers Very Happy


cheers OBBZY cheers "You know you're in trouble when the first person to get to you after a wreck is carrying a beer"- Jimmy Horton


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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by TTR kris on 3/4/2012, 8:07 pm

supper cool night ,
WD benny qualifying on poll , i was very happy with the pointy end for qually,
i had some drama R2 and found myself in mid field, but the pace and driving skills was mint by most people i came across last night,
WD shayn, your driving was clean and fast good to see you getting the hang of these cars, bad luck to you guys with the connection, dayne, and shopping problems,
TTR kris

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Re: Post Race Adelaide

Post by Sponsored content

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