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Post Tasmanian Challenge

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Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by shaynskyline on 3/31/2012, 10:39 pm

How'd your races go?

Mine were terrible lol.

Got some practice in during the week and was doing some good laps but the best i could manage was around 50.670.
Had alot of traffic in qualifying and was getting pretty annoyed with it. So i went back into the pits and came out with a couple laps to go.

Was sitting in 7th on the last lap, came around to the line and took out 2nd spot with a 50.330. I have NO IDEA where i pulled a 50.3 from, haven't been near that all week. Easily the best part of the night. Beating Rr1cho in qualy. YEAHHHH!

First race went pretty badly due to the fact that i chose to one stop it. Clearly i overestimated my ability to save tyres. People passed me early, only for me to pass them back later on around lap 15 or so when people pitted. Was sitting in 1st place for a while but i knew it wasn't a legit 1st place cos i had to pit and my tyres were dying fast. And die they did. I had no grip at all. On around lap 21 i couldn't keep the car straight coming out of T3 and rammed the wall. I couldn't reverse off the wall into traffic so i had to wait for about 6 cars to pass. Pitted on the same lap and then tried to chase people down.

Came in 7th or something. After starting 2nd, pretty disappoint.

Second race i ditched the one stop. Going for 15 laps stints. Had some good battles with Kris, and a couple others. Hey i actually caught and passed Kris mid way through the race so im happy with that. But i had to pit about 2 laps after that, so it was kinda pointless.
Arrhm, for end of the race i was behind RR1CHO for about 10 laps trying to hold onto him to catch up to HazzA. Started about 8 seconds behind HazzA, and by the end of the race he was only 3 seconds ahead. But passing him would've only got me 7th so eh.

All this driving the ass off the car and not catching anyone is getting pretty annoying lol. Too many fast guys around. The competition is great though, some nice racing going on.

I didn't expect alot coming into this round, so im not completely shattered.

Well done to Benny and RR1CHO for the wins. Encouragement awards for the new guys. You did pretty good.

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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by KKR kwik-kiwi on 3/31/2012, 10:55 pm

I had a great night bounce bounce bounce bounce

With a great set up and some great tips from Benny I went for the one stop strategy......

Race 1 had Billy Bob chase me to the line over the last 6 laps or so... had me sweating!!!! @#$&ing stoked to finish 5th!

Race 2 came across the same people at the same point but Billy Bob got past ..... still very happy with 6th.....

Great see some new faces as well.... good racing guys...

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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by HazzA on 3/31/2012, 11:35 pm

I was very frustrated with quali, I was on 2 quick laps towards the end which would of put me up in the top 4 atleast but had a few slow cars in front of me, and held me back.
Ended up starting race 1 from 7th.

Race 1 went well....ok I guess, started off well and had was up into 5th or so by lap 1, and hanged in there for a while. Come to lap 12 and I went flying down the inside of nugget at the hair pin, hitting him and buggered my steering, and was heavily turning left constantly, but I wanted to stay out there for a few more laps to because I was close to my 1st pit stop., I came in @ lap 17. And after that I was preety much a lone driver, putting in hot laps, and went really well to finish up in 4th place.

So race 2 started in 4th, got a good start, was up into 3rd after turn 2. I battled on for a while behind kris, and tried to find where I was quicker than him, and found it at the end of the back straight into the last few corners, I decided to go up the inside from a fair way back, I made it in fairly comfortably, but ended up just ABIT wide with 2 wheels on the grass, which also let benny through. From there, I had nugget behind me, and coming up to the hair pin, he thought he could come up the inside, and BAM, hit me hard (but readressed! Smile, I felt the crunch in my chair! and spun me, had to wait for the grid to go pass me before I could get going, so from then on, I wanted to bust out some flying laps, and get as many places as I could. 2nd Pit stop came and I got a drive through....WOW. Buggered everything up, but after that I didn't make any mistakes, and made a few good moves on the field and ended up coming in 8th. Wasn't too happy with the race, but was in the top 8.

Cheers the night guys, enjoyed it, really have to keep focus @ symmons!


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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by TTR kris on 4/1/2012, 5:04 am

top nights racing guys, i realy injoyed myself
some good battles, and good to see the new guys keeping there eyes open, top job

i managed to look after my tyres well after hearing benny saying it needed to be done
and got A 2nd r1
r2 I got a tap at the hairpin about lap 5 the driver re adressed but we lost about 3 places, thats racing, a few battles around 5th place but couldnt close the gap to benny riccho and mini who all drove well, top job benny riccho on the wins

and top job brudda benny on the skins, it was good to see all the new collours on the track,
TTR kris

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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by TTR Benny on 4/1/2012, 8:01 am

What a great nights racing

This is the first time in a while I have had time to get some practice in. I worked out quickly at the start that you could do it with a single stop but had to drive the car super straight to achieve this. I had a good setup that I worked on Thursday night but kiwi helped me out improving my times with one he had. We both worked together to test and prove single stop was the go for us for the race.

Qual didn't get a good lap in had room early on but couldn't drop into the low 50's. Came in changed tyres headed back out and was on a flyer last lap heading towards where I had in practice of a 50.3 but came across Dayne not only going slow but swerving left to right, I picked a side but he then moved back and had no where to go can't say I was overly impressed.

We are all about people having fun and doesn't matter how fast you are or not and before I go further people that haven't seen Dayne in the past probably won't understand this but as admin, we have been doing our best to help Dayne for over 10 months, and although we are sure he is driving with a keyboard, have persisted. Now for those that aren't aware and I normally don't do this but enough is enough. Dayne, we have offered over and over and over to help you, but you need to come in during the week. Showing up 5 min pre qual without any practice and then affecting other racers is getting ridiculous. I know it was me this time but it has been others many other times. This has nothing to do with your pace it is the fact you consistently can't hold a line which makes it pot luck if we can safely make it past. Until you either buy a wheel and or learn to drive it safely I can't let you run in league races any more.

Race One
Got a bad start swamped off the line. I worked my way back up past a few cars watching the gap to the car I knew were running 2 stops knew my decision to single stop lap time wise was good. Come behind kris and made a nice move at the end of the back straight. putting me back in the top 5 pre anyone's stopping so was looking good with my choice to make one stop. A couple of laps later kiwi just have been having Will davison leg going num issue as he missed the brake pedal and couldn't get it pulled up as I was turning in to the hair pin bit of carnage and waiting but got going with no major damage so all good. Actually except I did notice on the replay you dodge the falcons to get the holden lol! Kept pushing on worked the tyres too hard in the second stint and couldn't hang on to make a Jack Daniels one two with kris getting past second last corner

Race two
This one went to plan perfectly. Kris and i were able to hold on to our positions early on causing the two stop cars to bank up behind us with and every lap this happen made it easier and easier for us at the other end of the race. Hazza had split us first lap but kris had done a great job driving straight not allowing him through. Hazza made a move on kris and ran a little wide letting us both back through. A lap or so latter There was carnage at the hairpin in the mirror and kris and I buckled down to looking after the tyres. Made a move pre stops on Kris and had a little battle with mini making him work a little to get past. After the stops was wrapped to see the distance Richo had only managed to pull as i knew this would put me in 1st with around a 10 second lead after his second stop. Richo Stopped and sure enough had a 11.5 second lead I got a little lucky with his computer going back to desktop top where he lost 3 seconds but I like to think it wouldn't have made my difference as I held on with 7 seconds lead at the end. This time we managed it with Jack Daniels One Two wrapped with this better than the real result yesterday with Ford one two

WD Richo on race one win Wd Shayn on great result in Qual and most impressive for the night Shazam Top ten finish I know you probably don't think much about it but a lot of people couldn't get the cars to one stop where you did and this is where you gain spots WD Shaz


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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by moo on 4/1/2012, 8:16 am

Well I was about to turn up for Qually when devil racer went on the rd server so went with him and then forgot all about last night of the race then after I finished in the rdnserver I packed my g27 away but then though crap I missed last night

So sorry guys I mean reall sorry


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Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by BillyBob on 4/1/2012, 9:05 am

Good fun last night!. Lost my replay files so not sure of details. Good run with Kris in the closing stages of R1 but couldnt pass. Many other battles along the way with some great door to door stuff without major incident or sillyness good driving from everyone.
Not sure what happened at the hairpin R2 but i ended up rear ending nugget i think, cos he had to stop to avoid something going on in front of him... didnt know who was at fault so i waited for everyone to get going again losing a few spots.
Results werent great a 5th and 6th i think but racing was superb.

Last but not least a big well done to benny for the 2012 skins, very nice job the cars looked fantastic.
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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by TTR Powerslave on 4/1/2012, 9:31 am

Firstly thanks guys for the racing and the understanding of us new guys,, It was good I was able to let you fast guys past without loosing too much myself which was nice.
Thanks to benny for the tips and setup your setup felt perfect and by the second half of the 1st race it felt like it was on rails.

race one was good I started back of the pack but only stopping once I knew I could be around the pack of guys I was racing with, I prob didnt push hard enough because I made it all the way to lap 26 before needing to pit and I recon I could have done a few more but I saw a big group front runners behind and decided to pit. at this stage I was in 9th not acutaly track pos but happy as with the cars that pulled out it and some sin outs behind put me in front of shazzam or sublime with a nice sprint to the finish
On entrance to pit I thought I was down to the speed in plenty of time but wasnt to be so I pitted and on the next lap pitted again to only find out it was a drive through
Dooh next lap came back around and served the drive through. put me rite out of the mix with shaz and sub but I ran some of my best times in the second half. still finished 12th which I was happy with.

R2 was a weak start and I conceaded pos of the start as I knew there were faster guys behind me and let them past, once all the kaos of the first couple of laps past i set about getting into my own groove and trying to push alittle harder in the first stint and just really tried to learn a few of the things benny had shown me this time i pitted around lap 24 and set about really trying to push myself to better laps times then the first getting down too low 52's every lap except when guys past,, all in all to finish 14th nearly 13th and only 3laps behind the lead was good.

all in all pretty damm happy and out of 88laps only got the car loose on one corner only thing thinking about it today is I prob had it in me to push a little harder and the car def did,, Oh well thats racing Consistancy first speed next

thanks again for all the support and look forward to next race ....
TTR Powerslave

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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by RR1CH0 on 4/1/2012, 11:58 am

powerslave wrote:Oh well thats racing Consistancy first speed next
that mate is a great way to go about it ..going on your experience with rfactor you and your,etc have. the speed will come. very impressive introduction to the wild world of v8's online hahahahah.

Benny..................I didnt have a chance m8 lol well done great drive.

qually pretty well not 100 percent but nevermind well done mini and .........i'm speechless shayne wd
Iheard them say on the telly that with 28 cars across 2.whatever kms leaves about 75 metres of track space per car With us having 20 i reckon that only leaves us about 100metres of track space so it was always going to be difficult!!

R1 got a good jump right onto mini's bumper into t1 in p2 got lucky hit 1st gear just before the green would have been damn close to a jump start . Chased mini in the first stint pitted lap 13 trying to get a gain hoping he was 2 stopping but I think he had ping isuue's and had to pull out in the end ,Bad luck to nugget on another internet failure.brought it home comfortably in first after second pit..due to others having issues and accidents.. thought something happened early there benny. may have been a different story if only lol...bloody if only's i got a few of them.

R2 thanks for the to warmup session's and thanks for restarting when a arrived halfway through lap 1..much appreciatted especially you kiwi's Laughing
good start manage to pull a fair gap but couldnt punch out the times i was doing race 1 tried as hard as i could to catch Benny after second pit but even with my game shrinking wouldnt have gotten the job done.. cant say i've ever had the game go back to desktop mid race affraid but it could have been alot worse so was overly happy to still get second and not a dnf

great racing guys had a ball

I have only raced against dayne a handful of times but as you say benny he shows up at the last minute and cant keep up or on track and doesnt put in any practice

So I must say well done again to Powerslave, nuckingfuts and sublime. your practice and ability prooves your right to be on the track

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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by M1N1K0B3 on 4/1/2012, 1:45 pm

Not sure who worked on the 2012 Liveries but it was a great job Very Happy
Decided to go from from Whincup #88 to Whincup #1 and it looks great!

Hardly any practice as normal lol but it was a fairly good night had a good qualifying strategy and got pole position.

Race 1 - Both Richo and I were pulling a gap away from the field before he pitted. Didn't do a lot of practice and planned to one stop which was a bad idea. The whole race had internet issues so it was very hard lapping traffic, etc. Got a flat tyre just as I was entering the pits and the car wouldn't stop in time so managed to get a drive through lol and decided it was best to pull out with all the internet issues, etc. Well done to Richo who got the win.

Race 2 - No issues whatsoever in this race. Think I went from 15th to 6th at the end of Lap 1 which was great Very Happy Finished about 10 - 15 seconds behind Benny would have though I could have been a lot closer to challenge for the win had I not started so far back but a great result in the end to finish 3rd Very Happy Well done to Benny who won with great pace while still managing the tyres a good win.


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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by NuckinFuts on 4/1/2012, 3:56 pm

thanks for the support guys! nice to know we are on the right track hopefully next race i wont have issues and will be able to finish/start the race haha. cya next time Smile


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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

Post by AZBoy28 on 4/6/2012, 1:49 pm

Well my race debut didn't go to plan, unfortunately!

I improved my time during night from 56 seconds to 54 seconds however =)

Qualified down in 19th..

Race 1-

Didn't have the best start. Couple of laps, later I then went of the track in Turn 2 and suffered quite abit of damage.. that forced me to DNF. I practiced offiline until the next race.

Race 2-

I had a very good start and made 2 positions up by the time I got to the Hairpin. However that work was all undone when I went off on Turn 6 on Lap 1. On Lap 20 I had a massive shunt at Turn 6 and ruined the suspenision and DNF.

Sorry, if I spoiled anyones lap, but thanks for understanding, us new guys!


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Re: Post Tasmanian Challenge

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