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Round 1 Monza POST RACE

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Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by shaynskyline on 8/4/2013, 10:57 pm

What an opening round! Great racing. How did everyone go?

I managed to bust out a LOW 58 in qualifying and i started in 6th on the grid. PB for the week. I practiced on VHARDS FULL FUEL all week so it was kinda easier to get a low qually with SOFTS and a empty tank.

Race 1.
I filed in behind RACER after a good start and chased him for 2 laps with a screen full of white BMW, but i outbraked him in the back of the course and he ran wide. This put me behind the Rover of FCDEAN. He was tough to catch and i had to chase him hard. The very next lap i tagged him coming into Para. I braked too late and sent him into the sand. I pulled over to wait for him but he pulled out of the race and i watched 4 cars zoom by. My fault sorry man.

From then i passed a couple Class2 cars and chased down Benny. I could get up to him and get my nose infront in the corners, but on the straights he'd just pull away. Damn Commos are fast. Had a spin and finished in 10th spot. Ehhhhh.

Race 2.
Another flying start from 10th spot this time. Slotted in behind BILLYBOB in the other "Volverrari" (red volvo), shuddap its gonna catch on okay. . . . Very close racing with Billy and i couldnt get by. On lap 3 i spun on Ascari and swore alot. Lost 3 spots to PUNK DEAN and BENNY. FFFFFFFFFFF.

The battle with GROWLER began. He always races so well so i was looking forward to this. For 5 laps the guy was on my bumper, catching up by Para and Tribune but i could build a gap through the turns to have an advantage. Great racing man.

After chasing DEAN and BENNY having a super fight for a about 3 laps. RYAN LEE decided to pull out of the pits at half speed and merge across infront of me. I rammed into him but managed to keep it going forward and actually made a couple spots in the confusion hehe.
All good RYAN, just be carefull re entering in the future i guess.  
Shortly after, i pitted right behind GROWLER on LAP13, almost hit him coming into the pits haha. Came out in 11th and got up to 8th on the next lap with others refuelling. Behind GROWLER again. Chased him for a while and couldnt really get very close until he came unstuck in the back of the course.

From there i pulled away from him and FCDEAN slowly but surely. WIth AUSCHRIS about 25 seconds up the road, i just concentrated on finishing 6th. By the end of the race, the gap to AUSCHRIS was still 16 seconds.

MEDS in the first race and HARDS in the second worked okay, but i probably could gone with MEDS for both races, as the Volverarri doesnt seem to be very hard on tyres, which i usually am. Glad i picked it, its like driving a bucket of butter. Soo smooth.

Great racing everyone. Sorry again to FCDEAN. Well done to the freaks who won by 100 miles. Awesome job.

Donington Wooo! [oh god the turbo lag Sad ]


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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by TTR-Chrisrx on 8/5/2013, 7:32 am

both races were pretty good, got the volvo off the line okay but not as good as growlers rover that must have been running light with little oil left in race 2.

got ahead of racer and had the 635 trying desperately to get by as i could have gone softs on the rover in the short race. race 2 fared better however the 635 got too far away after an early dice and maintained a gap i could close........

great racing by all

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by RoadRat on 8/5/2013, 7:59 am

What a great night I had, it was good to race these Legends again, been at least 12 months since I've raced these babies.

My night started with "Unknown Vehicles" showing up and telling me I wouldn't be able to race. WTF is going on here I thought, but thanks again to Benny and Chrisrx, they managed to sort my issues out and I made on track just in time for qually.
Then the Minister for War and Finance calls out "dinner time". Half way thru my steak I jumped back on with 2:30 to go in qually and managed to put the Alfa around 13th. Back to finishing my steak during Warm-up, and while the wife's trying to strike dinner conversation, I'm thinking about the race start and the 1st chicane.

Race 1: Got a good start and settled in behind the Merc of DV8. That was how it remained for 7 laps with the gap remaining the same for 7 laps and I was surprised at the end of the race to discover we shared an identical "fastest lap time" of 2:02.105. How good is that for these Class 2 cars. Think I finished 12th.

Race 2: Got an even better start because I ended up in front of DV8's Merc. That only lasted 1 lap until I got rammed in the braking zone at the end of the main straight by V8VP. I know it was accidental and all's good mate. Lost 2 positions and had a 6 to 8 second gap to DV8 for the rest of the race which I couldn't close. Finished where I started 12th and behind DV8 again. Wonder how that Merc would've went trying to get around the Alfa; have to wait till next round to find out.


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Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by Berlsy on 8/5/2013, 12:34 pm

top nights racing as usual, knew the commo would be strong here so was confident of a good result
R1 Started 3rd behind corty and webber , managed to get passed corty at about the half way mark when he got crossed up but couldn't catch webber and finished 2nd about 2 secs behind I think
R2 got a ripper start and got passed webber going into the first corner. I totally missed my brake mark going into the ascari corner and went straight through it, was still in the lead but let webber and corty through seeing as I totally stuffed up the last corner. past webber a couple of laps later when he ran wide at the last corner and a few laps later corty did the same thing so I was in the lead again. pitted just after the half way mark for fuel only and had about a 20 sec gap back to webber when I came out. knew webber would be chasing hard so I never looked at how far he was behind me again for the rest of the race. finished the race in the 1st with webber only 4 secs behind me.

was a really good opening race to the season but the commo will be shite at donnington next week

anyone else having trouble seeing what they are typing in the forum or is it just me

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by RyanLee on 8/5/2013, 1:28 pm

Yeah i really enjoyed the racing last night. Fastest I put the Rover around there before Qualy was a 2:03.186 didn't have time to put many laps in though as I was quite busy all week with job interviews and car looking (no excuse but im sticking with it! haha)

Race 1.
Off the back of the grid with DP, im guessing we will be racing buddies for most of the season but that's fine with me! Stuck well with them before copping a tap from DP in the ass which sent me off into Ascari (all good mate) tried catching and eventually got past before letting go and he got me again and into Parabolica on the 2nd last lap I caught him and realised at that point, i still had the softs from qualy on, no front tyres, went straight on and he took off, as well as being lapped by a couple of the front runners. Ended up 15th due to a couple of DNFs.

Race 2.
Got a great start, but moved over and pretty much let most through as I knew there were some faster guys behind me. My plan was to keep the nose clean and make up spots as others DNF or made mistakes. Got past DP, and someone else on the first lap, up to 13th, then up past 2 more into 11th on the 2nd lap where I was shocked as I watched my times tick over, 5 laps in a row all under 2:03, including a 2:01.964 (yeah im freaking proud of it!! haha) was lapping quite well in front of DV_8, I was ecstatic with my consistency. Him in the Merc would catch in the turns and I would just drive away on the straights, managed to maintain gapping him of about .5sec a lap, until drama struck! Not so much a point of the game, more error on my side. as I came out of parabolica my steering wheel came loose from the table and as I was trying to fix it the car drifted to the side on the grass. When I went to correct it it just stuck and flicked right straight into the wall where next to the "jump" entry and punctured front right as well as a whole lot of damage limped around the lap (with a tyre reading 230 degrees haha) and got to the pits. then an even worse drama hit. My temp fix came apart as I exited the pit box (had to pull hard left as my nose was on the ass of the Safety Car and the Steering wheel completely came off with the plugs for the pedals coming out I had no control and pulled out ever so slowly in front of SHAYNSKYLINE with no control. Sorry mate!!! Very happy to hear that it didn't affect you too much tho! After that I called the race quits as I was nearly 2 laps down and needed to try and fix the setup with another puncture and rear left damage.

But, you'll be happy to know I have ordered a whole new setup with Steering wheel pedals and Cockpit, one which you can BOLT the steering wheel in. no more dramas of that kind! haha

All in all though, I was very happy with my pace and quite happy to have lapped in the 2:02s in front of DV_8. Made my night.

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by David Paterson on 8/5/2013, 2:16 pm

Did some mid week practice (I'm making a habit of this) but I qualified 1.3s slower than my best practice lap, in 18th position 3s slower than anyone else.

R1. I got a very good start but Billybob was slow away in front of me, i was careful not to give him a Liberace. Was very cautious at the first two chicanes and then latebraked in to the back of Ryan's Rover at the Ascari chicane, I'm glad I didn't put him out. When he caught me, i was determined not to give him any grief as he passed. Last lap, he outbraked me into the parabolica and went straight ahead with everything locked up. I managed to squeak home in 14th place and narrowly avoided getting lapped. Smile

R2. I knew there were some quicks behind me, so I got a good start, but stayed well over to the side, out of the way. The guys who were a little ahead of me in the first race were faster this time and I was quickly left behind.

The fuel economy was better than forecast and i made it to the 31st minute before coming in for my only stop, taking 80 litres and a new set of softs, though the rears probably didn't need replacing.

After that i just tried to stay safe and consistent, I didn't have the speed to get near anyone. Only one car failed to lap me and the podium guys lapped me twice. However, I was happy to finish the race without any contact at all, either car or scenery.

I always knew i had the wrong car for Monza, so I'm hoping for a better showing at Donny.
David Paterson

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by Growler on 8/5/2013, 3:59 pm

I had an Ok nights racing with some good highlights.

In the week leading up to the race I managed a best time of a low 1.59.0 so I knew I would be in the top half of the group if I could maintain the consistency.
Race one I had a good start but had to go around Benny who had bogged down at the line. I managed to go around him without getting the Rover too sideways, and stick with top group for about a lap or so. I wanted to be the first Rover home, and tried to catch FCDean in the other Rover but couldn’t stay with him. Lucky for me my team mate took him out so I could pass him! I finished in the top 10 and first Rover home.

Race 2 was good. Again I managed a good start without too much wheel spin, and got into 5th – 6th place (Around there). During the race I had some good dices with Shayneskyline, and Billy Bob.
At one point Benny said to me he was pitting, and to be careful coming out of the Parabolica. I was pitting as well but didn’t want to say anything over Teamspeak in case Shaneskyline heard me! I didn’t have to worry as he came in after me pitting as well.
Towards the end FCDean had caught up to me and we spent the last 3 – 4 laps swapping positions trying to beat each other. In the last lap I was leading coming into the Parabolica. FCDean was faster through there than I was so decided to keep the inside line making him have to go out wide. Unfortunately my Rover drifted wide which caused FCDean to drift wider into the kitty litter. I just managed to get away with that one…

Unfortunately I won’t be at Donington as I have to fly into Melbourne for the weekend. It’s a shame as I love that track and I think the Rover would do well there.


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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by TTR-V8VP on 8/5/2013, 4:56 pm

Good race last night in race 1. race 2 was good as well. the VK is hard to get off the start line but will work on getting the car right for next tace

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by David Paterson on 8/5/2013, 5:44 pm

The VK was a rocket in straight line!
David Paterson

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by TTR-Chrisrx on 8/5/2013, 5:58 pm

well donington server is up so get practicing guys if you want to get a good stable setup before the race, also a few off camber corners will catch you out!

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by DV_8 on 8/5/2013, 6:36 pm

One of the worst tracks for the Merc, all I could do was try and be the first class 2 car home. Managed to do that in both races but RoadRat made it hard by matching my lap times pretty closely. Shame he got spun around in race 2 because it would have been tough trying to pass him as the Alfa has a bit more straight line speed.

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by racer69 on 8/5/2013, 7:45 pm

Don't forget all to register on sls.
I'll put the results up tomorrow so you all have a decent chance to register


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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

Post by Webber on 8/5/2013, 11:49 pm

The Commonwhore was predictably unstoppable at Monza, one of the world's best tracks, nice and flowing. The races were all about which Commie would win and it was between Corty's, Berlsy's, and mine.

I'm a qualy specialist tending to struggle in the race, so copped pole. Race 1 luckily saw Corty and Berlsy in a biff for 2nd, which gave me some breathing room to take the win.

Race 2 was absolutely epic, Berlsy making a good getaway and aside from a couple of minor offs on cold tyres, he didn't put a wheel wrong. This, coupled with very quick and consistent times, made him uncatchable after Corty and I tripped each other up trying to be the latest of the late brakers into T1. Then, I thought I'd assigned a gear on the selector to the pit button, but turned out I hadn't... going into 1st gear or something into variente Ascari resulted in an instant spin.

Good stuff though, but not looking forward to Donington in the lead lined box that is the Commode

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Re: Round 1 Monza POST RACE

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