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Round 9 - Goodwood FINAL ROUND (21st August)

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Round 9 - Goodwood FINAL ROUND (21st August)

Post by Growler on 8/15/2016, 4:54 pm


There will be qualifying for the first race. This will be a 10 minute open session.
You will be allowed 4 laps to qualify. Lap 1 to warm up, 2 x flying laps and a cool down lap. If you go over the 4 laps you will be put to the back of the grid.

Race 1
This will be a 25 minute race

Race 2
This will also be a 25 minute race. There is a compulsory pit-stop for this race. You must change two tires only.
The pits will not be open until lap 5.
The top 8 drivers will be reversed.

Weights added for this round
(Based on amount of total points from the previous round)

OR~Worm - 200kgs
CortyGT - 150kgs
Fez - 85kgs
DV-8 - 75kgs
Dave - 75kgs
Stevo - 75kgs
mrsh - 70kgs
ChrisRX - 50kgs

(Both Corty and Stevo were equal on points last round - 75kgs each)


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Re: Round 9 - Goodwood FINAL ROUND (21st August)

Post by CortyGT on 8/17/2016, 4:09 pm

Weights have been updated on the server.

Good luck to everyone for the final round !
Hopefully we get a few turn up on the night !! 


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Re: Round 9 - Goodwood FINAL ROUND (21st August)

Post by vandem on 8/21/2016, 12:44 pm

I'll be back for a final spin. Real life stuff has kept me busy in the last few weeks.


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Re: Round 9 - Goodwood FINAL ROUND (21st August)

Post by Sponsored content

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