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February 2019

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Happy New Year! :D :P

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Happy New Year! :D :P

Post by shaynskyline on 12/29/2013, 8:54 pm

HI! Smile


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Re: Happy New Year! :D :P

Post by shaynskyline on 12/29/2013, 9:20 pm

Hey guys, just thought id come by and say hi and wish everyone here at TTR a safe and happy new year. Oh and Merry Christmas too haha.

Incase any of you are wondering no i didnt die, or leave the country or anything. Haha.

Just kinda woke up one day and realised i was spending far too much time on games and computers in general. Bit of a time to get a life moment tbh haha.
As you all know im pretty competitive and cant just stop by and have a go here and there, i get hooked and jump in till it kills me lol. So yeah. Decided to give it away for good and get out, get fit and do something else.

I spent far too much time on things that didnt make my life that much better and eventually i paid a very, very big price for it.

Had heaps of fun racing here for the two or so years i was around. You guys are all awesome regardless of the small issues that arose from time to time and each one of you taught me something new and useful about racing. You took me from a loud mouthed hoon to a decent middle of the pack contender, and i owe to everyone i came up against and got taught by.

But at the end of the day i was still just driving an imaginary car around a screen, while my actual life and real relationships suffered/stood still. Sounds a bit dramatic/pathetic i know.
But sleeping late, spending hours practicing, getting emotional, glued to a screen at 29 years old, for me, wasn't really worth it anymore lol.

So yeah. probably more than i wanted to say really haha, but oh well whats life worth if you cant be honest about things?

Really thanks for all the fun and laughs and competitive battles. Even though i never met any of you, i did spend a lot of time with many of you in a way, so yeah. You're all terrific.

In your own ways haha Razz

Drive safe and go hard in 2014 and always remember whats most important in life.



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Age : 35
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Re: Happy New Year! :D :P

Post by Growler on 12/29/2013, 10:19 pm

Everything in moderation I say. Life is a big balancing act so good on you for giving it a go!
Lets hope we can race again in 2014!


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Re: Happy New Year! :D :P

Post by shaynskyline on 12/29/2013, 11:01 pm

Yeah moderation was definitely my issue lol.


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Re: Happy New Year! :D :P

Post by Chris Donnelly on 12/30/2013, 11:28 am

You can't get away from us that easily champ! I've really enjoyed our battles this year, Shayn, very competitive stuff. I know exactly where you are coming from - I've had to back away from the hours and hours of practice and my results are showing that lately I think.

Growler hit the nail on the head, it's all a balance mate. I'm 40 and still stuffing around on PC sims which could be classed as slightly sad, until people actually know how good sims like rFactor and IRacing are. I seriously use them as a tool to discipline myself and keep myself "race fit" for what I do on the track. And as a bonus I have met some excellent people along the way.

So I look forward to our next sim battle mate, see you in 2014!

Cheers, CD.
Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly

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Re: Happy New Year! :D :P

Post by David Paterson on 12/31/2013, 10:18 am

You could always do what I do. Race only once a week and average about 10 minutes of practice per week.

You'll never win any trophies, but that's OK, because they're not real anyway, but it's still fun and it won't eat up much of your life.
David Paterson
David Paterson

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Re: Happy New Year! :D :P

Post by CortyGT on 1/1/2014, 3:32 pm


Wishing everybody all the best for the new year and lots of great racing again this year !!

Also for Shaynskyline, I wish you all the best mate and really hope to see you on the track again some day.
I know what you mean by trying to be competitive, ive had to back off most of my practice time this through 2013 as I 
just didnt have the time for it. 
I try get on one night during the week, just to get a setup going and then try get on early on race nights.
I find that to be a good balance.
At the end of the day its not all about winning a race, its about having fun and enjoying the race and battles you have 
throughout the race. 
Dont get me wrong, I love winning races, I think everyone knows that lol, but I dont enjoy when I flog everyone, every race.
I prefer to be in a battle with everyone / someone, weather its for 1st or for 10th, it dont matter.
Some of my favorite races have been in battles for lower positions.

Hopefully you can find that balance and come back racing some day  Smile


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Re: Happy New Year! :D :P

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