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Queensland Raceway v0.45

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Queensland Raceway v0.45 Empty Queensland Raceway v0.45

Post by Obbzy on 7/9/2017, 11:02 pm

Queensland Raceway updated to v0.45

(hopefully a Steam link available soon)...

- Track grip levels etc updated to most recent S397 levels (Nola Park). Thank you S397.
- Skybox removed & S397 Sky implemented.
- "Jumbotron' video screens corrected (Thanks to Nibiru & others in the S397 modding community for their assistance Smile )
- Signage 'updated' to be more akin to 2014.
- Other general graphical improvements.

This will be my last update for the track for now (as long as there is nothing major to correct), as I move on to my next update project. Stay tuned...

Queensland Raceway has now been updated to v0.40. This is a 'Hot Fix' for DX11.

A Special Thank You to R1CHO, who gave permission for me to update.
I hope you all like it. Feedback welcome.

Queensland Raceway v0.45 QUEENSLAND_2014_LOADING


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