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Post Wellington

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Post Wellington

Post by Webber on 7/31/2011, 10:04 pm

Most practice I have ever done for rfactor. I wanted to flog the commie around in sierra beating times. Punish it like it deserved.

So I rock up day of the race and bowl me over, dan_gtsx is crushing times a second faster than i thought he would be, and basically the same as me. Sadly for him he couldn't put it together in qualy. Race was shaping up to be epic.

Everyone has a shocker once in a while, except JD, but Race 1, I did the most disgraceful driving at the start. I was getting 5 fps for the first few laps for some reason. In that time I hit the wall jutting between T1 and T2, spinning, luckily GroupCAction and Dave Gibson following just missed, WobblyOne wasn't so lucky, but thankfully he didn't get slowed too much. Then next lap I went and nudged Dave Gibson giving him a bit of a fright, he had awesome reflexes to keep it going though.
After a few people crashed out the game sped up again, and back to normal service. Had a fantastic multi lap stoush with WobblyOne who was caining the M3 like a man possessed, but the power of the Commo was too much. Then just as I caught 2nd placed GroupCAction, he went and turned himself upside down at the end of the pit straight, a bugger since I was looking forward to a battle. Like the turtle on the side of his car he couldn't get back the right way round.
In the end Dan_gtsx was just untouchable and looking at his times, even if I hadn't driven like a knob the race would have been his.

Race 2 my finger is still sore from selecting "do not repair" every second lap. A feisty WobblyOne muscled me out of the kink down the straight, so I rolled out of throttle - long race ahead. Got a chuckle out of watching a lot of cars go into a very small space btn T1 & T2, and I cheekily sneaked up the inside of Racer69. After that, another intense but quick battle with Wobbly for 4th, again I felt only a brief tinge of guilt as I powered by on the straight. Holy bejeezus, just watched the replay of Dave Gibson and Berlsy's crash and is there a bomb inside that tyre or what? Turned Berlsy's car into a washing machine on spin cycle, wheels flying everywhere. The replay makes for hilarious watching. Poor GroupCAction who was sensibly trying to avoid the Action got pinballed right in front of me and I almost looked him in the eye as almost in slow motion ran straight into the side of him. Sorry mate! Then WobblyOne compounded the damage bill by reshaping my rear aerodynamics. Rest of the race was thankfully nowhere near as exciting. After the practice the win felt great, shame it was because of attrition.

Amazing performances by Mozza and WobblyOne, Billy Bob awesome finish in the feature race, shayn your work is paying off, and pretty much everyone had like me at least one good race out of the two.

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Re: Post Wellington

Post by menthol369 on 7/31/2011, 10:21 pm

Quali: was pretty crap for me, webber and i were trying our hardest to push a 1 25 and constantly better eachothers times in prac but when it came to qual i only did a 1 26.8 +400 on webber.

R1- i really like the warm up, i think it helped with the little amount of damage done at t1. i got a great start and got in front straight away, andfrom there basically gained a second a lap on webber/groupc and blitzed the race.

R2-what a shocker! started in 8th and basically went down hill from there, followed racer for a few laps and tagged a wall, then a wild corolla apeared and used tackle. had some steering damage and tried to carry on but came to grief in a chicane smashing the steering even more and puncturing a tyre. i pitted and slammed some meds on to try close the gap, it worked i came out behind 5th ) i was one lap down) and slowly gained on them and had a good battle with groupc.

managed to get past him and carry n with my assault. iw as cathing wally very fast, roughly 3 sec a lap ... then i kind of tunnel visioned until lap 26 to get a splash of fuel, cam out jsut behind billybob and tried to catch him but due to running meds for 22 laps they were stuffed.

if there was more lapsshayn would of gotten past me.

good fun!


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Re: Post Wellington

Post by menthol369 on 7/31/2011, 10:32 pm

oh and id liek to apoogize to shano, it didnt look like my tap was the reason you spun, but none the less sorry for the tap.

and watching the reply sorry to shayn billy and wally. i did a pretty good job at taking 3 cars out!


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Re: Post Wellington

Post by wobblyone on 7/31/2011, 10:53 pm

pretty much what webb said Smile

quali pretty good, just behind mozz who kept telling me to hit him on the warm i obliged Embarassed

my strong point has always been starts and as usual made a few places but as webb said his holden just kept getting in the way Razz

had a hard battle with the group 1's and a fast volvo and had settled for p4 as i couldnt do anymore until someone exploded into t1 ended up 3rd running out of fuel as crossed line (glad i shortshifted last 2 laps lol) happy with that Smile webb dont feel guilty mate hey yes the holdens quick but im amazed also at its pace in the tight stuff too, only seems to loose a bit on braking and exit compared to my car which is bloody impressive mate

race 2 as far as im concerned my best ever Rfactor drive......and worse, got good start and made passes got to p4 and a bargie between the guys allowed me to sneak p2. didnt think it would last but drove about the best 1st stint ive ever done and kept the car perfect and tyres while banging great times and also going from a 3 sec gap to mozz group c and dan and having pulled out about 7 seconds by the time they pitted car felt great and as webb pitted i was p1 for a bit Smile wasnt gonna change tyres just a splash and dash as i had started with full fuel and dunno why even tho i asked it not to it seemed to give me rubber reairs etv 50 plus second pit, hero to zero p5 on outlap, still had a chance to get back i thought but stuffed into armco on outlap and had to do a u turn, after that ran pretty much quali times till end but no chance really......bugger

still really enjoyed it until i saw the finishing board MOZZA P2 FFS man ggggggrrrrrrr Smile enjoyed myself and drove as well as i ever have on this mod so even tho the whole pitting thing still stuffs me up without fail i enjoyed some great battles with webb and was really satisfied ive cured the cooking tyres ive had all year Smile

great fun boys cu at the next one

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Re: Post Wellington

Post by Guest on 8/1/2011, 12:15 am

Certainly not my best round that I've run in so far, but anyway.

Quali - Managed a 1:28.005 or something. Really wanted a 27 just to cement my place on the 2nd row, but couldn't manage it. Was convinced that I could get on the first 2 rows in quali, then I'd be able to avoid all the crashes that I knew were coming.... If I didnt think I couldnt get up there, I wasnt gonna quali. lol.

Race 1

Got a good start, out jumped Dan and Webber, but they still go away once they stopped bagging 'em up. Was conservative into T2, as usual and then got tagged and spun around by Dave. Grrr. Was not happy at all. Anyway. Spun around in last, and through people making mistakes, I managed to catch back up to Dave and Berlsy, who were following Wobbly. Couldn't get past either of 'em though, as the straights were just a bit too long. Ended up ahead of Berlz cos he made a mistake, but couldn't get past Dave. Finished 6th or 5th or something.

Race 2.
Didnt think it could get any worse that Race 1, but off the line, I out jumped Racer in the Supra, and ran into the back of him... Not that it did any damage, it just helped him haul that ass off the line a bit quicker.
Out of T2, I got slammed into the wall again, mashing it up a bit and making me mad. Got a bit of space, and was happy to hold the gap to GroupC while I got into a rhthym, and then I started to catch him quickly.... Dunno if he had mediums on or something, but he was pathetically slow through the corner, and for about 4-5 laps, was holding me up a second or more a lap. I was getting very annoyed, and started to plan an early pitstop, to try and jump him and have a crack at old mate Wobbly later on. Bought it in early in the teens and then, in some free air, I started to drive fairly hard and constantly. Hit a wall and had to do a U-turn, and thought that was it, I would have to settle for 4th.... But knowing that the hards were taking me about 4 laps to get going nicely, I held in there and managed to close the gap to racer substantially, and was also closing alot on GroupC, from what I could judge on the track. Saw Wobbly pit, and then bugger me dead, his nuff nuff pit crew forgot to tell him to get out and push start it, so I drove past him.... HAPPILY!! (note: horn tooting!)
By the time the stops were done, I was about 10 seconds ahead of GroupC, with about 8 laps left... Knowing he would be back on a set of mediums, I just focussed on punching constant times, and managed to hold him off to finish 3 second up on him. Stoked to get a 2nd.... It either equals or is my best overall result of the season... Can't remember, but either way...

Wish it could've been a group 2 win somewhere, but yeh. Not with the pace of the Group 1 Freak Show. Very Happy

Off to Fuji, where I predict a Corolla win, overall.....

Oh... 1 more thing..



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Re: Post Wellington

Post by elgibo on 8/1/2011, 2:27 am

Well I royally screwed up my race/other peoples today. Sorry to both Mozza and Berlsy for mucking you guys up. Decided to sit out the rest of race two before I caused another incident.

Race 1 was a good start up until T2, where I managed to climb up the back of mozza (literally was in the air on my screen) and spun him. I didn't feel so bad about it later on when he came roaring up behind me, but I know he could have been challenging for lead if I hadn't screwed up. Had a good battle with Berlsy for a number of laps, as well as mozza right giving me gripe behind after catching me back up. Managing to overtake Berlsy into turn one (only just). Came 4th in the end after slowly catching a damaged wobbly, coming 1s behind him at the line, with mozza 1s behind myself.

Race 2 got a great start with people going wide into turn one. Started off as a repeat of my R1 battle with berlsy, only much shorter. Got a good run off the final chicane and was trying to go down the inside into turn 1 exactly the same as in race 1. What I didn't anticipate was Berlsy covering very well, so I locked up totally with nowhere to go and punted him into the nasty tyre which took his wheel off. My car was fine, but after seeing Berlsy's I didn't feel I should carry on.

I hope that you guys can cut me some slack as it is my first season of online racing and I'm still learning. Hopefully I can race a bit more conservatively next time.

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Re: Post Wellington

Post by Wally26 on 8/1/2011, 5:48 am

We know you didnt do it on purpose mate, don't worry about it .
shouldnt of quit though:(
always next week mate .


Open round points

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Re: Post Wellington

Post by Guest on 8/1/2011, 7:39 am

Yeh dont worry about it Dave. It's all good mate, and besides, it would've provided Wobbly with a chuckle when he saw me go around in a cloud of tyre smoke. LOL Very Happy

Good work on getting the results up quick Wal. 1 question, what does the column "FastLaps" mean? It says I've got 4...?

Hey wobbs, 3rd in the overall round points again mate Very Happy

Edit - Wobbs, also check out how close our average laptimes were in race 2!


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Re: Post Wellington

Post by Obbzy on 8/1/2011, 11:00 am

Quallied 2nd last (but the "Bradbury" plan was always in the back of my mind Very Happy )

R1. Carnage everywhere off the start line and through the first lap.
Stayed out of trounle and ended up 9th for most of teh race until
Shayn got by. Kept up with Shayn hounding him (scraped the wall into
turn 1 on last lap only bit of damage for race) then he flipped the car half way
around the track so I got my 9th back!

R2. Slow again, but also avoided the carnage. Settled in nicely, then realised
on my in lap I had too much fuel, while i was adjusting, overran my brake marker on the stright
damage, then fumbling to turn off damage enterin pit, hit wall and caused more damage!!!
Should've been out in front of Shayn but wasn't, slowly was reeling him in but was pushing too hard
and the tyres went off Sad . Settled for 9th again, but reasonably happy with the way the car
cruised around staying out of trouble (except for my stupidity!!!).

Off to Fuji, should be fun.



cheers OBBZY cheers "You know you're in trouble when the first person to get to you after a wreck is carrying a beer"- Jimmy Horton


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Re: Post Wellington

Post by shano on 8/1/2011, 1:12 pm

well nothing came together for me was all over the shop....will produce something a bit better next week.......

all good dan i tapped meself into every wall possible lol.....

was get stupid graphics lag on and off so i blamin that lol...

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Re: Post Wellington

Post by racer69 on 8/1/2011, 5:04 pm

I had a pair of pretty straightforward races.

Qualified alright in 7th place, not miles off the leaders and i thought i had a good enough setup on the hard tyres to make up some positions in the race.

Race 1 - I had a plan to take it very easy through the first few corners.... but of course every plan goes out the window when the flag drops and if you see a gap you go for it! I had a front row seat to the Mozza/Dave Gibson coming together, then tried to squeeze inside Dave at the turn 3/4 chicane but couldn't make it and had a lose. Thanks to attrition it wasn't long until i was back up near Mozza in 7th. I could keep him in sight but as the laps wore on the tyres got worse and i backed off to settle for 8th, which became 7th on the last lap when GroupC had his drama's

Race 2 - Had a front row start but got swamped in the first few corners, and before i knew it i was eighth.. which quickly became 5th after the unfortunate incidents for Dave & Berls. I managed to keep 3-4secs adrift of GroupC and Mozza for the next dozen or so laps, until they started to drift away towards the end of the stint. I just ran the fuel all the way down and pitted at the end of lap 20, giving me an 8 lap run home. I managed to make a spot, and came home 4th. A good result.

I have to say what a great track it is to drive, loved it... would be great to use it again in the future, perhaps a good "filler series" for the future could be a two round "Nissan-Mobil 500" series at Wellington and Pukekohe.

Also Dave, don't beat yourself up too much, everyone makes an error and contact is a part of racing. I for one, and i'm sure everyone else, has been very impressed with your racing all season, and look forward to more dices as well. I'm sure Berlsy would agree & know you didn't cause it on purpose Smile


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Re: Post Wellington

Post by Berlsy on 8/1/2011, 5:31 pm

gotta say i'm a big fan of this track, hope we race it again some time even though race 2 didn't go to well, it's all good dave, i'm still pissing myself laughing at my car spinning off that explosive tyre : lol!

pretty happy with qualifying, got 8th, wasn't my best lap but wouldn't of got anywhere near the top five anyway

r1 - went very cautiously into turn and got past by racer. past mozza, and then racer when they had some bad fortune. was struggling to keep with dave till him and webber made contact so i snuck up the inside heading into the first chicane. had a great battle with dave for about five or so laps. was really struggling to keep him behind, that old volve was killing me under brakes. dave got past me at the first hairpin and soon mozza was pretty much suction capped to my rear bumper. was hoping to hold mozza off but tapped the wall coming onto the pit straight. finished 6th

r2 - started 3rd and got past racer and groupc when they ran wide at the hairpin. was having a hard time keeping dave behind me, the commo was not to good on hard tyres. anyway tried to block dave coming into the hairpin and it didn't end well, i don't know what you kiwi's put in your tyre barriers but fark me. well commo's don't drive too well with 3 wheels so that was it for me.
don't stress about it dave, these things happen and the commo has to brake about 3km earlier than most cars. Very Happy

see you guys a fuji, could be interesting haven't done a single lap there yet so better go get some praccy


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Re: Post Wellington

Post by elgibo on 8/2/2011, 6:39 pm

Thanks guys Smile Made me feel better.

Those tyres are ridiculous. Don't know if anyone else has had a coming together with the ones into the pitlane.....I had one when practising with webber, they bounce you like a pinball machine.

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Re: Post Wellington

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